September 01, 2020

  • What is the difference between your spirit healer team and your spirit guide? 
  •  How, and in what way, do they fulfill different functions? 

There are many Spirits of the Light. Each Spirit is unique in vibration, skill set, and therefore gifts and abilities. All beings of light from Spirit are benevolent. Some are particularly focused on helping others to succeed in fulfilling the purpose of their incarnation. You all have one or more Spirit Helpers supporting you in your growth and development into soul embodiment. 

When you know the exact names, colours, and other distinguishing characteristics and features of the Spirit Helper Team are you, you can more consciously lean into their support. You team work on you and through you on others. Your team will support you to extract the maximum essence from all you experience in life. They will deeply enrich your world with love, presence and fortitude. 

Your Spirit Healer Team can morph and change over time but a Spirit Guide rarely does. 

Of course, like all rules, there are exceptions! The reason is easy to explain.

You as a human being are formed from the joining together of:

  • the particles and forces of the earth,
  • the particles and forces of the cosmos,
  • and the light of Spirit.

There is an actual or "actualised self" AND there is a "potential self".

  • The actualised you is all you are actually being in reality right now; in regards to your physical, psychological, mental, emotional, astral, soul and spirit levels of self combined as one.
  • The potential you consists of all the possible and probable permutations and combinations of self you can be arising from the joining together within of the earth, the cosmos and Spirit light!

Additionally you have a personal human oversoul.

It is at the level of personal oversoul you co-create your reality and contribute to the collective reality - and the greater good of self and all. 

Let’s take a closer look at the human oversoul.

All life on Earth has an oversoul. The oversoul is where the particular and unique nature of earth - meets with the particular and unique nature of Spirit. The oversoul is a form where the nature of earth and the nature of spirit connect to merge, interlink, interpenetrate. The oversoul form holds within it all the myriad of possibilities, permutations and combinations of life that can arise from the coming together of matter and spirit. All the potential.

The current collective human oversoul is held by a number of well known Spirit Beings such as some well known Archangels. 

Back to the question at hand: the relevance of your Spirit Guide.

  • Your spirit guide is your own personal oversoul.
  • It knows the ins and outs of who and why you are here in this human body at this very moment in time.
  • They know the totality of who and what you are and can be.
  • Your Spirit Guide knows you wholly, entirely - inside and out.
  • They know and understand the unique coming together inside of your body as this person of Soul, Spirit, Higher Self, accumulated nature (past life and current life) and genetic ancestor nature. 
  • Your Spirit Guide knows the purpose and meaning of why you have incarnated in this body as this person in this space at this time.
  • That’s why we say your spirit guide literally holds space for you while you grow into your potential.

Sometimes you out grow your guide. But it is uncommon. 

You Spirit Healer Team, on the other hand, they present to work with you in order to assist refinement of the current actualised you, with the view to support you to keep growing and developing more of your potential.

Your Spirit Healer Team support the Actualised you.

They are literally a team personal to help you extract the maximum essence from life you can in your current actualized form. Your spirit guide is, of course, usually a member of your spirit healer team.

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