A one hour video masterclass with the goddess Kali. 

"Illusion vs Truth: Create a pathway to personal authenticity".

  • Kali wants you to know you are an idea and you are a belief.
  • Many people do not believe their own experience of the world: in the now-moment: in real time.
  • This “masterclass” is supports you to move away from creating more illusion, and returns you to being more connected to your personal truth.

Kali offers 3 vital points of wisdom which are explained with visuals to aid your understanding. 

You receive a structure to work with Kali on an ongoing basis!

What others had to say...

- "It was amazing. Your wisdom and Kali's light were pure alchemy 💖" - Donna.

- "The class was amazing! Genuinely impactful in such a tangible way. When's the next one!?" - Tristan.

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