October 04, 2019

Carmelita - a member of my spirit healer team offers 4 insights into the roots of anxiety.

Carmelita's healing light is purple and electric blue. She specialises in Psychological health and Wellbeing.

1: We as humans spend too much time in our heads thinking! No major revelation there!

Over thinking leads to black and white interpretations of self and the world. It makes you feel your options are limited. Anxiety thrives when you feel your options are limited!
2: Your body does more than carry your brain around. Seriously - you are not a lollypop!
    Your body is the master of complexity. It is intelligent and it is wise. Build a relationship with your physical body. When you spend more time in it, it can break you out of black and white thinking. Your body juggles many vital processes keeping you alive. AND it does this without your thoughts having to tell it what to do and how to do it!
    • 3: Spend time getting to know self. What self?!
    Learn to celebrate your differences and attribute worth to them. You are unique! Your unique characteristics have purpose and meaning.
    • 4: Be your own authority. (That sounded a bit authoritarian didn't it?!)
    And in doing so you will measure yourself against others less. Your boundaries will prosper too!
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