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The Spiritual Healing Sanctuary

The Spiritual Healing Sanctuary
6 Month Online Membership

Connect to your Spirit
Overcome your Unique Blocks
Unlock your True Potential for Wellbeing & Growth!

Your spirit is a powerful agent of change!

Imagine if you could enter a peaceful sanctuary away from the everyday noise of life
Tap into the unlimited resources of potential in your spirit!

Are you yearning for a profound transformation, a connection with your inner self that propels you towards health, growth, and fulfillment?

Do you sometimes feel like...

  • Your journey towards better health, well-being, and growth is missing vital pieces. It's like there is an untouched depth, a puzzle piece that resists definition and change.
  • You sense your personal and unique struggles and challenges have deep roots. But they seem to dance just out of reach.
  • You have a heartfelt yearning for a profound connection. A way to sync your very essence with the rhythm of your spirit and soul. Yet the shadow of uncertainty and self doubt looms blocking access.
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Transformation is within your grasp by placing spirit at the centre of your healing journey.

Your Spirit will guide your health and growth with clarity and purpose!

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Unlock your connection to spirit. Imagine a life where...

  • Your energy is vibrant and more abundant.
  • Joy permeates your body more effortlessly.
  • You feel aligned to your authentic self's sense of purpose and meaning. You are accessing more of your innate soul based gifts and abilities.
  • Peace is within your reach.
  • You are contributing to a positive consciousness shift in the world.

I have worked with thousands of people, just like you, on various paths of self-discovery and healing with Spirit.

Karen's Success in the Spiritual Healing Sanctuary.

Trina is a Spiritual Healer extraordinaire! Her work is concise, soul inspiring, and divinely connected. She provides clear instruction and her wisdom is accessible to anyone regardless of their level of experience. Her ability to connect with the spirit, understand their wisdom, and share it with a bit of humour and compassion, has shifted my life in inexplicable ways. The work Trina offers is transformational and I’m forever grateful for her presence. To you Trina, my Mentor and Healer, my heartfelt thanks for our continued journey together.

- Karen Sinclair.

My 26 years experience as a Psychic Spiritual Healer and Mentor means I have created a membership that will actually make a significant impact in your life!

The membershipconsists of 6 modules rotating over 6 months.

Your journey of change begins with Modules 1-3: Laying the essential foundations for Spiritual Healing...
Imagine forging a strong, unbreakable bond with your spirit. No more overthinking and feeling disconnected. With over 26 years of clinical experience working with my Team of Healing Spirits I will guide you every step of the way.


Module 1: Spirit: Raise your vibration. Open and ground your body's spirit connection.

You are spirit. Spirit is a vital life sustaining force inside of your body. Your spirit has a bigger picture perspective of who you are, why you are here, and who you have the potential to be. Access your potential and unfold it into your body and life.


Module 2: The human self. Embrace your intuition and instinct.

Declutter your thoughts and emotions. Unblock and release where they are stored and locked into the body. Clear the noise to enable your intuition and instinct to experience your soul and spirit as REAL.


Module 3: Embody your soul.

Your soul is all the embodied wisdom you have gathered over eons of time. Soul wisdom understands the purpose and meaning in navigating your unique blocks and obstacles. Soul is your authentic nature. Soul wisdom is the fertile soil of self love, self trust and self belief you need to enable sustained healing for health and personal growth.

Welcome to Modules 4-6.Now it's time to take the next step, to address the blocks and obstacles that have held you back


Module 4: Genetic Healing.

Genetic Healing allows you to break free from inherited patterns of dysfunction. You'll liberate yourself from the influence of past generations, paving the way for a future guided by your own choices.


Module 5: Past Life Healing.

Past Life Healing integrates the wisdom, gifts, and abilities from previous lifetimes. This integration empowers you to heal present wounds rooted in the past, giving you a fresh start on your journey. Anchor wisdom, gifts and abilities from other lifetimes into the here and now.


Module 6: Boundaries, Traumas and Triggers.

In this final step, you'll fortify your boundaries, deepen your presence, and liberate yourself from the internal dialogue that has hampered your growth. Reduce the capacity for your past traumas and triggers to rob you of peace and joy.

How the membership works.
Join like-minded soul seekers who honour each others unique pathways with respect and compassion works!
  • The membership is 100% online.
  • The 6 modules are rotated over 6 months. One module per month. Running for November, December 2023 & February, March, April and June 2024.
  • There are 2 (two) zoom sessions a month on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month.
  • Each zoom session is 1.25 hours. Each session includes a group healing tailored to meet your individual needs from my Spirit Healer Team; essential knowledge on the module topic; Q&A; and a transformational tool to work with between sessions should you choose to.
  • Each session is recorded. If you are not able to make a session live, you can participate in your own time before the next one.
  • The spiritual healing from my Spirit Healer Team is just as powerful even if you cannot make it live.Spirits are not limited by time and space. Many clients access my work remotely with identical results and benefits to being live! It creates the flexibility you may need within your busy life.
  • You can go back and watch the recording of any of the sessions at anytime for the duration of the period you are a member of the Spiritual Healing Sanctuary. The recording are not open to the general public.
  • You can participate as little or as much as you like in the sessions. Introverted people are welcome too!
  • Email me if you have any questions trinalucas@spirit-based-therapies.com.

Your investment:
Pay upfront OR month to month.

Up-front: $115 per month
($57.50 per 1.25 hour session!)

When you pay for the whole 6 months in a lump sum of $690.

Month to month: $135 per month
($67.50 per 1.25 hour session!)

When you commit to the 6 month membership, but choose to pay for it month to month. You pay 2 months at the beginning, with one month held as a security fee until the final month.

Video Testimonials from Members of the Spiritual Healing Sanctuary.

The Spiritual Healing Sanctuary combines great content, practical tools and a whole lot of healing direct from spirit - all delivered in a supportive community with others on the same journey!

HEALING - the healing you need as directed by your soul and implemented by my Spirit Healer Team.

KNOWLEDGE - to understand more of the how and why of the spiritual healing process.

ANSWERS - to the questions you have about your individual experience.

INTEGRATION - exclusive transformational tools to work with between sessions.

In the words of other's who have worked with Trina...

❝Trina I’m so grateful❞
"Yesterday’s healing was incredible. Your spiritual healings never cease to amaze me. How profoundly different I feel in the space of an hour, and not just energetically and spiritually; physical, emotional, mental… the whole lot. And the insights from our conversations give me so much to work with. You’ve become a key support for me to do my work in the world, and are enabling me to do things I may never have found my way to. Or may have taken me a longer time to find my way to. Thank you so much, working with you is one of the best investments I’ve ever made."

— Jared Osbourne www.embodyingman.com