3 Common metaphysical reasons for digestion health struggles.

by Trina Lucas August 26, 2022

I hear this so often in my clinic. People expressing their frustration and dismay of "I am eating right, I am managing my stress and I am taking good quality supplements but I still am bloated, my bowels aren't right and my appetite is all over the place". 
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Mind & Body Connection: Spiritual Healing Perspective.

by Trina Lucas July 08, 2022

What does mind and body disconnect look like?
My body was trying to tell me it was running on all cylinders above and beyond its capacity. My mind was ignoring my body and it was choosing to keep going and not properly rest. My emotions were chiming in with my mind because the idea of stopping was causing a panic.
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Spiritual Healing: How PAST LIFE MEMORIES Defy the laws of Time.

by Trina Lucas March 25, 2022

This past life carriage accident is still present as a memory in Becky’s body. Her body is showing me clear images. I see France, 1800s. A small country road winding to a chateau. A carriage carrying passengers is turned on its side. The driver is injured...

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Keep your boundaries healthy with Spiritual Healing!

by Trina Lucas March 21, 2022

Boundaries are essential for your SUPERPOWER of sensitivity to not become a SUPER-BURDEN!
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Spiritual Healing: 5 Tips to Develop your Intuition.

by Trina Lucas September 24, 2021

Intuition is essential to living life to the full! Here are 5 tips from a Psychic Spiritual Healer on how to deepen and develop your intuition.
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Spiritual Healing: Heavy Metal Toxicity

by Trina Lucas September 24, 2021

Perhaps heavy metal toxicity contributing to you not feeling quite right? You might find everything just slightly a bit off for you. Your mood, your energy levels and your enthusiasm...

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