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Mind & Body Connection: Spiritual Healing Perspective.

by Trina Lucas July 09, 2024

What does mind and body disconnect look like?
My body was trying to tell me it was running on all cylinders above and beyond its capacity. My mind was ignoring my body and it was choosing to keep going and not properly rest. My emotions were chiming in with my mind because the idea of stopping was causing a panic.
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What is my soul purpose? 3 points you need to know.

by Trina Lucas July 01, 2024

What is my soul purpose? This is a question I hear frequently! Soul purpose is less about a destination and is more about a state of being.
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The power of Genetic healing

by Trina Lucas June 23, 2024

Have you ever paused to consider the profound impact of your ancestral lineage on every aspect of your being? Imagine a young sapling in an ancient forest, drawing strength from its roots and the light and shadows of the trees before it. In a similar way, our bodies and souls carry the imprints of our ancestors' experiences. Join me in exploring this deep connection, guided by the wisdom of our souls and the healing light of Archangel Uriel. Discover the path to profound healing and transformation.
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Self Love, From Theory to Practice - 3 key tips!

by Trina Lucas June 16, 2024

What if you actually put your heart and soul into loving yourself? 🌸 Imagine a gardener tending to her garden with unwavering dedication. Each seed she plants is nurtured with passion, enthusiasm, and hope, transforming into full bloom. She digs deep, connecting with the essence of each plant, infusing her soul into every root and stem. Here are 3 key tips to embrace more self love!
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Are you Clairvoyant? 3 key tips to enhance your Clairvoyance!

by Trina Lucas June 09, 2024

Do you have a talent for clairvoyance? 🌟 Imagine a world where words paint pictures, dreams reveal secrets, and intuition whispers guide your steps. Enter the realm of clairvoyance, where reality and imagination blur, revealing life's mysteries beyond the physical universe. Here are 3 key tips to enhance your clairvoyance naturally!
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6 ways to avoid Empathy Burnout

by Trina Lucas June 02, 2024

Navigating the gentle tides of empathy requires a balance that both enriches and protects our spiritual core. In the sanctuary of our inner garden, we can cultivate a harmonious connection with the world while safeguarding our own serene essence. Here are 6 key ways you can avoid Empathy burnout.
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