February 12, 2020

1. Your emotions have the power to either create or diminish connection to self.

Your body is the container through which all the activity of life you identify as self is taking place. Activity such as your thoughts, actions and feelings.

Take anger. What are the sensations taking place when you are angry. Your anger might feel hot, cold, tingling, rigid or as if your chest might explode.

Focus on the actual sensations taking place in your body when you are experiencing an emotion. Your mind sometimes notices, characterises and defines an emotion - and stops here!


Focus on the sensations accompanying the emotion. Label them. Give words to them. When you do this you remain present and grounded in your body. You build connection!

2. Your emotions are only a subset of the feelings taking place in your body.

Feelings are sensations you experience in your body. You experience many different types of sensations. Examples are pressure, heat, tingling, sharpness, tightness and stiffness.

You will notice none of these feelings/sensations are emotions.

The above mentioned sensations such as pressure are closer to the physical realm of experiences in your body. Your emotions are sensations closer to the mental realm of experience taking place in your body.

3. Be aware to feel your emotions and not only think your emotions.

Allow me to paint a picture for you. You have three main realms through which to experience the world. You have your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions. These mechanisms are not separate to each other. They exist on a continuum.

Your emotions are a type of feeling sitting closer on the continuum to your thoughts level of self, and a little bit further away from the physical level of self.

Your emotions express and release what you are thinking and feeling about your experience of self and the world.

Your emotions are a way of releasing and dissipating energy.

When you think your emotions and and do not feel your emotions enough, then you miss out on release. Emotions can back up and begin to stagnate movement, circulation, and flow in your body.

4. Remember your emotions add colour, beauty and flair to your world.

Remember to have a positive relationship to your emotions. Value your emotions and take value from them.

The world, people in your life, society and culture might all be telling you how to feel and what emotions are acceptable to have.

Nonetheless, you feel what you feel, your emotions are what they are. They need an avenue of expression. And expressing them brings color and vibrancy to your world.


🌟You are more than the sum of your emotions.
🌟Be aware to not have your emotions take up too much space in your identity of self.
🌟Notice when your emotions cloud out your logic.
🌟Notice when your thoughts override your emotions to stop them in their tracks.


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