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Trina's Personal Story

Psychic from birth

"When Trina was a little girl she would to say to herself "I just want to be normal".

Like her great grandmother, Trina was gifted with psychic ability from a young age but had no context for it. She saw shadows, felt ‘ghostly presences’, and saw vivid images of coloured light. She called the coloured light ‘fairies’, only to feel foolish about this as she grew older. She occasionally overheard her nana talk of mysterious experiences, such as seeing people who had passed over, and other psychic phenomena. These were whispered stories.



"Trina I’m so grateful.

Yesterday's session was incredible. My sessions with you never to cease to amaze me. How profoundly different I feel in the space of an hour, and not just energetically and spiritually; physical, emotional, mental… the whole lot.

And the insights from our conversations give me so much to work with.

You’ve become a key support for me to do my work in the world, and are enabling me to do things I may never have found my way to. Or may have taken me a longer time to find my way to.

Thank you so much, working with you is one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

With Respect,


Heal your Whole Body with Spirit.

At Spirit Based Therapies we understand you are unique. 

A soul, purposefully choosing to live a human life.

Spiritual healing facilitates body and soul integration – bringing the transformational power of your Spirit to your body.

Our purpose is whole body healing, to deliver positive change to all aspects of your life. This includes your:

*Physical Health

*Behavioural Self

*Emotional & Mental Wellbeing

*Your Spiritual Growth and Development.