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Spiritual Healer Mentoring

Reach your fullest potential by developing your spiritual gifts.

Spirit Healing Mentoring. Spiritual Teacher. Spirit Guide. Energy healing. Chakra Healing. Soul Wisdom. Psychic. Mind Body Connection. Flower Essences. Space Clearing. Past Lives.

You too have the capacity to offer the healing light of your spirit to self and others. With two decades of experience and a solid clairvoyant channel, Trina will introduce and mentor you to build a relationship with your own Spirit Guide and Spirit Healing team. This relationship will:

  • expedite your spiritual growth
  • enhance your intuitive-psychic channel
  • open you up to your personal gifts and abilities

Take your spiritual healing skillset to the next level!

  • Please note all sessions are offered either in person in Coburg North in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, or online via Skype or Zoom for international, interstate, or regional clients

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Introduction to your Spirit Healer Team

This session is $295 for 75 minutes. It can be completed as a one off.

Everyone has the capacity to bring the transforming light of spirit to themselves and in the support of others and the world. Everybody without exception! No matter if you are a hairdresser, a banker, a hypnotherapist, or a full time homemaker. Meet the team that helps you hone your skill set of offering Spirit based transformational change through all you are doing and being in the world. 

  • 2-5 Spirits present in this introduction session. 
  • 1-3 of these Spirits mentor and guide how you offer Spirit/Soul light to heal self, others and the world.  
  • 1-3 Spirits are focused more on supporting your personal health, growth and your capacity to live and express your soul purpose through your thoughts, emotions, behaviours and actions.  

Your Spirit Healing team help you fuse - in a manageable, ethical and sustainable way - the light of your spirit into your soul gifts and abilities. 

REVIEW: In the words of Linda. 

"I am so grateful and filled with joy to be in closer connection with my team".

"Working with Trina to meet my Spirit Healer Team was very easy and joyful. Trina creates an environment that makes you feel safe, comfortable and delivers information to you in a no-nonsense way that is easy to understand. I am so grateful and filled with joy to be in closer connection with my team, and to have my earlier connection affirmed by Trina's work. If you feel like your connection could be stronger, if you're looking for clarity and confirmation of the work you are doing, I highly recommend meeting your Spirit Healer Team with Trina. Her work is gentle, powerful, beautiful and precise".

Spirit Healing Team Alignment Series

Three 60 minute sessions at $250 per session. 

  • Completion of the 75 minute Personal Spirit Healer Team Introduction consultation is a compulsory prerequisite to participate in this series. 
  • You will be facilitated to achieve greater alignment to your spirit healer team, as well as anchor and consolidate your ability to connect, communicate and work with each team member. There is no one way for spiritual healing – only your way! We will support you to embody your personal and unique spiritual healing capacity – both in terms of working on yourself and others.
  • This is an excellent opportunity to develop and deepen your soul’s healing gifts abilities into your body, awareness, conscious understanding and your everyday human experience.

Casual One-on-One Mentor Sessions

Your spirit will teach you directly through Trina's precise clairvoyant channel to continue building the foundations of your personal and/or professional spiritual or energy healing practice.

Receive clear and concise teaching with regards to your personal practice of spirit and energy medicine. Remember there is no one way to heal self or others - there is only your way!

Trina will help you download and embody from Spirit your own way of practice - enhancing your particular and unique skillset.

More About Trina's Mentorship

Share in Trina’s wealth of knowledge and experience of working consciously with spirit daily for decades.

Trina’s spirit healing team have spent years teaching her an incredible framework to safely hold and interpret accurately, and with discernment, spiritual healing experiences.

This framework details the structure and function of the soul throughout the human body, and the relationship of the human body to the universe at large.

The framework makes sense of the relationships between source, spirit, soul, the cosmos, humans and earth. It translates complex spiritual phenomenon into grounded, practical and useful sense – bridging the so called ‘divide’ between matter, energy, thought, consciousness and soul/spirit.

Trina is urged by her team to teach this framework to you. To enable you to incorporate your unique spirit healing capacity into your personal health and well being practices and/or professional skill set.

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