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My Story: How I became a Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Healer & Teacher

My Story - How I became a Medical Medium, Spiritual Healer & Teacher

Psychic from birth


Trina Lucas. Spirit Based Therapies. Spiritual Teacher. Spirit Guide. Energy healing. Chakra Healing. Soul Wisdom. Psychic. Mind Body Connection. Flower Essences. Space Clearing. Past Lives.

When Trina was a little girl she would say to herself, "I just want to be normal."

Like her great-grandmother, Trina was gifted with psychic ability from a young age but had no context for it. She saw shadows, felt ‘ghostly presences’, and saw vivid images of coloured light. She called the coloured light ‘fairies’, only to feel foolish about this as she grew older. She occasionally overheard her nana talk of mysterious experiences, such as seeing people who had passed over, and other psychic phenomena. These were whispered stories. Trina knew that this ‘stuff’ was unusual, outside the box even, and the atmosphere of the retelling made her understand it was best you kept it to yourself.

One day when Trina was a teenager, she jumped in her car and heard a voice say, ‘lock the passenger door’. In her mind, she argued against the need to do so. Her body, however, of its own accord, leaned over and locked the door. Waiting at a traffic light on the way to the local convenience store, a man jumped out of the bushes and tried to break in to the passenger seat of her car. Trina thought nothing of the experience and was grateful the door was locked. As she grew up, and similar experiences became more frequent, Trina learnt to ‘fit in’ and push these types of experiences into the background.

Trina suffered ill health through her childhood and into her early adult life. In her early years she was diagnosed with several chronic medical conditions. Some of her symptoms were baffling and remained undiagnosed. After completing a Bachelor of Arts, with a major in Japanese and a minor in mathematics, Trina lived and worked in Japan for 2 years. While working as a Japanese translator her physical symptoms became increasingly hard to manage.

The healer emerges

One day, a friend suggested to Trina she get a psychic reading from a woman at a store he worked in. Trina declined at first. She did not want anything to do with ‘weird stuff’ anymore. She couldn’t see the point in psychic predictions that took away the fun of looking forward to the future. As her physical condition worsened, her friend became insistent and Trina relented.

The psychic knew nothing about Trina, yet she drew a picture of Trina’s reproductive organs and indicated the exact spot where a medical concern had been found under laparoscopy.

She said, "You will heal this in yourself and one day you will heal others.”

The words felt strange to Trina. She could not imagine the reality of ever becoming a healer.

Concerned for her ailing health Trina shifted her focus away from the demands of working in the corporate world. Having found some relief treating her pain with acupuncture, Trina returned to university and completed a Bachelor of Health Science with honours in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Trina was inspired and fascinated by the ancient energetic teaching of Chinese Medicine. It opened her to a whole new way of viewing the world. In addition to learning about the energetic systems of the body, Trina relished the western medical subjects in her course too. These included subjects such as human anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology. It came naturally to Trina to understand the intersecting nature of Eastern and Western medical traditions and see them as parts of a greater whole.

Medical clairvoyance appears

During her studies Trina’s medical clairvoyance became apparent. Trina discovered she could place her fingers on acupuncture points and ‘download’ highly accurate information about people. With courage, when appropriate, she delicately fed this information back to people to test for accuracy. To her surprise Trina was consistently on the mark with her findings.

In the beginning Trina found it challenging integrating her rapidly expanding psychic self. Her entire self-identity had to shift. Trina had suppressed her earlier ‘strange’ experiences and subconsciously made the choice to be ‘normal’. Having excelled at maths and science through school and at university, Trina viewed herself as rational and sensible, she did not know where her emerging skill set fitted in to her current view of self.

Healing crisis - a turning point

The deep changes taking place within Trina became overpowering and she reached a crisis point in her late twenties. With various chronic ailments flaring and in frequent debilitating pain, she found herself saying:

“There has to be something better; there has to be something more to life.”

Bedridden, Trina began to meditate without realising she was meditating. She began to pray without realising she was praying. She encountered her spirit guide. This guide took her on healing journeys throughout her own body. Trina’s guide helped her to access her Soul based healing gifts and abilities and integrate them into her body and life.

During this period Trina was introduced and taught to work with a team of healing spirits of the light. Each healing spirit had a different area of speciality, such as the digestive system, nervous system, DNA and the brain. Or a well-being speciality such as career healing, relationship healing or cultivating deep soul peace and clarity. These healing spirits helped Trina integrate into her life her unfolding psychic self, her emerging healing gifts and abilities, and most importantly to recover her physical and psychological health. To this day Trina’s team of healing spirits continues to grow depending of the needs of herself and her clients.

Trina’s healing team helped her transform the struggle and suffering she experienced as a person with multiple medical conditions into incredible self growth and empowerment. She is passionate about assisting others to do the same.

In Trina's words

“My guides have taught me over the years an incredible framework for understanding the relationships between earth, human beings, Source and the manner and mechanisms through which your Soul interpenetrates your human nature and material form, so that what is above has the potential to be mirrored below.”