Why meet your Spirit Healer Team?

by Trina Lucas September 01, 2020

What is the difference between your spirit healer team and your spirit guide? Each Being is unique in vibration, and therefore skill set, or gifts and abilities.

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Spiritual healing & free will.

by Trina Lucas May 22, 2020

Spirituality, spiritual healing & free will? In this article we will talk about and explore what free will is from a spiritual perspective.
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Have you heard of Spirit-Body balance?

by Joe Ainsworth Collaborator March 13, 2020

You have most likely heard of mind-body balance and have a sense of its importance, but how about Spirit-Body Balance?
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Soul based immunity: A Spiritual Healing Perspective

by Joe Ainsworth Collaborator February 12, 2020

Draw from your Soul Wisdom to enhance your immunity, but what is soul immunity I hear you ask? How can the soul possible be involved in immunity?
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Caring for Your Emotional Health: 4 Spiritual Healing Insights

by Development Account Collaborator February 12, 2020

Your body is the container through which all the activity of life you identify as self is taking place. Activity such as your thoughts, actions and feelings.
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What is my soul purpose? 3 points you need to know.

by Trina Lucas November 30, 2019

What is my soul purpose? This is a question I hear frequently! Soul purpose is less about a destination and is more about a state of being.
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