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4 Simple Reasons Spirit is Essential to your Health.

by Trina Lucas October 24, 2023

Spirit and health go hand in hand. As a spiritual healer and holistic health care practitioner, I offer you 4 from the wide and varied reasons as to why. 
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Intention & Spirit

by Trina Lucas August 29, 2023

Is your intention to have more harmony, joy and peace in your life?

If harmony, joy and peace are part of what you wish to have more of in your life (it certainly is for me!), then I highly recommend aligning your intention with your spirit
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How I Became a Spiritual Healer

by Trina Lucas August 22, 2023

When I was a little girl, I would say to myself, "I just want to be normal." Like my great-grandmother, I was gifted with psychic ability from a young age.

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Overcoming with Goddess Kali

by Trina Lucas August 15, 2023

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Guardian Angels

by Trina Lucas July 11, 2023

There are spirits around you, specifically Guardian Angels, who are always 100% looking out for your best interests. They are true and real and are here to protect and guide you in your life. These angels are not in physical form and are able to float above the material world watching the bigger picture of your life and foreseeing the path along which you are headed.
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Intuition vs Instinct

by Trina Lucas July 05, 2023

Today, I wanted to delve into a fascinating topic that can help you navigate the complexities of your inner and outer worlds: the distinction between instinct and intuition. Intuition communicates through a gentle whisper in your heart and is expressed as feelings and emotions. On the other hand, instinct tends to operate through clairsentience and claircognizance, allowing you to sense and understand the world with an awakened sense of what action will align you to the path right for you.
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