March 13, 2020

Spirit-Body Balance:

👉You have most likely heard of mind-body balance and have a sense of its importance.

👉How about Spirit-Body Balance?

🌟 Allow me to explain with 3 points.

1. Spirit is part of the vital animating force of your body.

Spirit animates your body in two main ways.

🌟 The earth is animated by spirit. You are made of the elements of the earth. Thus you are animated by her spirit too!

🌟 Your personal spirit light stamps a frequency of uniqueness into the materials of your body.

2. Your human personhood - such as your thoughts and feelings - also animates your body.

🌟 Example: Sometimes your feelings, emotions, behaviour and the physical processes in your body will organise themselves around your thoughts.

🌟 The same with your emotions. Your thoughts, the physical processes in your body can organise and orient themselves around your emotions.

3. Spirit - Body Balance.

Spirit animates your body.

Your personhood animates your body.

🌟 How much is the activity of your personhood impinging upon, blocking and/or obstructing the free flow of the spirit animating force through your body?

🌟 This is when we talk of spirit-body balance.

* Calm the activity in the human ego.
* Thoughts, feelings, emotions may be sending a scrambled, scattering or tension filled message to the body.
* A message around which the psyche activity and the material in your body is organising itself!

Spirit - Body Connection and Balance.

🌟 Spirit has a wealth of wisdom and wellbeing around which the physical processes of your body can orient and organise.

Looking for support to increase spirit-body balance:

1. FB group: The Archangel healing Pathway:

2. Connect to your spirit guide workshop & discover more of your soul nature: - 6th of April 6pm AEST.

3. Healing meditations on my website:

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