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March 13, 2020

Spirit-Body Balance:

👉You have most likely heard of mind-body balance and have a sense of its importance.

👉How about Spirit-Body Balance?

🌟 Allow me to explain with 3 points.

1. Spirit is part of the vital animating force of your body.

Spirit animates your body in two main ways.

🌟 The earth is animated by spirit. You are made of the elements of the earth. Thus you are animated by her spirit too!

🌟 Your personal spirit light stamps a frequency of uniqueness into the materials of your body.

2. Your human personhood - such as your thoughts and feelings - also animates your body.

🌟 Example: Sometimes your feelings, emotions, behaviour and the physical processes in your body will organise themselves around your thoughts.

🌟 The same with your emotions. Your thoughts, the physical processes in your body can organise and orient themselves around your emotions.

3. Spirit - Body Balance.

Spirit animates your body.

Your personhood animates your body.

🌟 How much is the activity of your personhood impinging upon, blocking and/or obstructing the free flow of the spirit animating force through your body?

🌟 This is when we talk of spirit-body balance.

* Calm the activity in the human ego.
* Thoughts, feelings, emotions may be sending a scrambled, scattering or tension filled message to the body.
* A message around which the psyche activity and the material in your body is organising itself!

Spirit - Body Connection and Balance.

🌟 Spirit has a wealth of wisdom and wellbeing around which the physical processes of your body can orient and organise.

Looking for support to increase spirit-body balance:

1. FB group: The Archangel healing Pathway: https://www.facebook.com/groups/625393157977641/.

2. Connect to your spirit guide workshop & discover more of your soul nature: - 6th of April 6pm AEST.https://www.facebook.com/events/623404428498299/.

3. Healing meditations on my website: www.spirit-based-therapies.com.


💚 As a spiritual person I know you need to...

  • Dedicate time and space in your life to staying connected to your spirit and growing your connection.
  • I have worked with thousands of people, just like you, guiding them to create a grounded soul relationship, empowering them to move through life's challenges without being overly impacted by them!

Introducing the Spiritual Healing Sanctuary 6-month membership!

  • I've crafted a powerful transformative membership experience, with a nurturing community, all set to make a significant impact on your life, health and wellbeing.  
  • This membership empowers you to tap into the vibrance of your soul, remove personal blocks, and realise your full potential. 

The Spiritual Healing Sanctuary brings together rich content, practical tools, and profound healing from Spirit, within a nurturing community for people committed to a grounded spirit connection just like you. 

In the membership enjoy bi-monthly 1.25-hour Zoom sessions, where we explore six key themes:

  • Spirit: How to raise your vibration.
  • Human Self: Mind, Intuition and Instinct
  • Soul: You are more than human.
  • Genetic Healing
  • Past Life Healing
  • Traumas, Triggers and Boundaries

In each twice-monthly session, you receive:

✅ SPIRITUAL HEALING - Guided by your soul and conducted by my Spirit Healer Team.

✅ ESSENTIAL INFORMATION - Crucial insights to foster positive change. 

✅ ANSWERS - Personalised answers to your questions.

✅ PRACTICAL TOOLS - exclusive practical transformational tools to work with between sessions.

REGISTER YOUR INTEREST: for the next intake in October of my membership group the SPIRITUAL HEALING SANCTUARY. Here is the WAITLIST.

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