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October 24, 2023

As a spiritual healer and holistic health care practitioner I understand spirit and health go hand in hand. Here I offer you 4 from the wide and varied reasons as to why. 

1. You are not a machine! In fact you are more than the sum of the physical components of your body. 

Your physical body is formed from the elements of the earth into macromolecules, cells, tissues, organs, organ systems and finally an organism - YOU!

Yet - at the end of the day - the self emerging from your body is MORE than the sum total of your physical components.

You are a psyche! Through your psyche you feel and express your:

  • physical nature,
  • persona,
  • personality,
  • emotions,
  • thoughts.
The activity of your emerging from the sum of these body parts is your psyche. 

When you connect and flow in open relationship with your spirit light, the way you express and feel your personhood is different.

Your spirit light brings order from chaos.

Spirit has a profoundly regulating affect on your psyche. It enables you to feel better within self and about self. 

2. Your Spirit sustains you through the inevitable valleys and troughs in life.

Life undulates - there are ups and downs - and many in between spaces.

When you are connected and in a well maintained relationship with your spirit, you can offer yourself better support, nurture and companionship.

Spirit helps you stay connected to a sense of meaning and purpose in your life. This is important for health. Your health is not just being well, or the absence of illness.

Health is about quality of life no matter what your circumstances. 

A connection to your spirit helps you ride out the troughs in life, and therefore assists to reduce stress produced in your body during those times.

3. Spirit Heals.

You have a spirit. Everybody does of course.

Your spirit is always present in your body.

You can reap enormous benefits from your spirit by building a relationship to it.

One benefit is spirits ability to heal. Spirit light is transformational in nature. Spirit light is order, grace, balance and harmony.

Your spirit light can literally heal - bring change and support - where required in any level of the physical, psychological, mental and emotional continuum. 

4. Your Spirit is essential to the physical vitality of your body.

Spirit is one of the animating factors of life. 

You do not just need spirit to be alive - spirit actually helps you feel alive - to feel vital.

Spirit brings organisation and order to the physical processes taking place in your body that keep you well. 

What is next in your journey of building a relationship to your personal spirit? 

💚 As a spiritual person I know you need to...

  • Dedicate time and space in your life to staying connected to your spirit and growing your connection.
  • I have worked with thousands of people, just like you, guiding them to create a grounded soul relationship, empowering them to move through life's challenges without being overly impacted by them!

Introducing the Spiritual Healing Sanctuary 6-month membership!

  • I've crafted a powerful transformative membership experience, with a nurturing community, all set to make a significant impact on your life, health and wellbeing.  
  • This membership empowers you to tap into the vibrance of your soul, remove personal blocks, and realise your full potential. 

The Spiritual Healing Sanctuary brings together rich content, practical tools, and profound healing from Spirit, within a nurturing community for people committed to a grounded spirit connection just like you. 

In the membership enjoy bi-monthly 1.25-hour Zoom sessions, where we explore six key themes:

  • Spirit: How to raise your vibration.
  • Human Self: Mind, Intuition and Instinct
  • Soul: You are more than human.
  • Genetic Healing
  • Past Life Healing
  • Traumas, Triggers and Boundaries

In each twice-monthly session, you receive:

✅ SPIRITUAL HEALINGGuided by your soul and conducted by my Spirit Healer Team.

✅ ESSENTIAL INFORMATION - Crucial insights to foster positive change. 

✅ ANSWERS - Personalised answers to your questions.

✅ PRACTICAL TOOLS - exclusive practical transformational tools to work with between sessions.

REGISTER YOUR INTEREST: for the next intake in October of my membership group the SPIRITUAL HEALING SANCTUARY. Here is the WAITLIST.

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