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April 21, 2024

Do your thoughts and emotions ever become so overwhelming that they dominate your experience of self and you can't find peace?

You may be experiencing mind-body disconnect!

  • Mind and body connection is a term thrown around so often these days that we can become disconnected from understanding what it means as well as its importance. 

Our world and culture are dominated by incessant thinking.

When you think too much all your energy gets tangled into your thoughts and you become disconnected from your body. 

  • Your body's needs, limits and wisdom start to be ignored and this has profound implications for your health and wellbeing. 
  • For example when you need to rest, what you need to eat, the type of exercise and movement your body craves can be ignored and or dismissed by your mind. 
  • Your mind and body become not only disconnected but they are no longer functioning as a harmonious synchronized whole. 

When the mind and body disconnect your access to intuition and instinct becomes limited.

Our society places a premium on rational thought, often dismissing experiences that transcend logical explanation.

When the mind takes centre stage and overshadows the wisdom of the body, the constant chatter of thoughts, the judgments you place on yourself, and the concern about what others think can drown out your intuition and instinct. 

Reclaiming the mind-body connection is a journey that begins with grounding, centring, and raising your vibration.

Here are three quick wins that can be easily incorporated into your busy life right now.

1. Grounding Exercise: Barefoot Connection with Earth.

  • Quick Win: Take a few minutes to step outside and stand barefoot on natural ground—grass, soil, or sand. Feel the earth beneath your feet and visualise any stress or tension flowing down and being absorbed by the ground. This simple act reconnects you with the Earth's grounding energy, promoting a sense of stability and balance.

2. Centering Breath: Three-Part Breath Technique

  • Quick Win: Find a quiet space and close your eyes. Inhale deeply into your abdomen, then expand your breath into your chest, and finally allow it to reach your upper lungs. Exhale in the reverse order. Repeat this three-part breath 5 times.
3. Vibration-Raising Affirmations: Power in Positivity:
  • Quick Win: Choose a positive affirmation that resonates with you, such as "I am spirit and soul" or "I am in balance body, mind and soul." Take a moment to repeat this affirmation to yourself, either silently or aloud. Allow the words to permeate your consciousness, shifting your mindset towards positivity and raising your vibrational frequency. Repeat this affirmation whenever you feel the need for a quick energetic lift.

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