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May 05, 2024

Your intuition is a feeling-based sense. Centered in your heart. It deepens the richness and vibrancy of your experience of life! How? ✨
Excitingly, I have 5 UNIQUE POINTS to offer on understanding your intuition today!

Each point leads to the other - so try to stick with me.

POINT 1: You can learn to attune to the frequency of your intuition. I will explain...

Your intuition is a feeling-based sense.
You feel your way through life, and you think your way through life.

Your feel your experience of life as sensations in your body. Examples are heaviness or lightness, or emotions such as sadness or joy.
You analyze, through thoughts, your experiences of life to search for meaning and understanding.


NOW: There is a point, when you are feeling the experiences of life in your body as feelings, just before you start analyzing these feelings as thought.
This point is the vibrational entry point to your intuition.

POINT 2: Your intuition delivers you important information.

You are constantly experiencing in your body, through feeling and sensations, what it is to be you in the world.
These feelings and sensations offer you information.
Intuition is the information that comes to you through feelings.
Everybody is intuitive - it is part of being alive!

POINT 3: How to deepen the information you can receive through intuition.

Underlying each feeling in your body is a point of connection.
This point of connection is where all things come together as one.
Every moment you are living your life you are interfacing and connecting with others, the earth, the world, universe and spirit at large!
This point of connection, underlying all the feelings you are having in your body, this vibrational place of union, is where you want to plug into with your intuition.

POINT 4: Each moment of your life has a unique nature.

Connecting to the depth of uniqueness of each moment, through INTUITION, helps enrich the meaning and purpose you sense and extract from life.
POINT 5: Your intuition is designed to help you navigate the nuanced unique nature of each moment.

Developing your intuition opens you up to a world of knowledge and information.
Wisdom from soul, spirit, the universe, earth and life in general starts to make its way through the point of connection underlying all feelings to you, enabling your intuition to slowly but surely expand your consciousness.

When this expansion into deeper consciousness occurs you will be grateful!
Make 2024 the year you commit to growing your intuitive capacity!
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