May 22, 2020

Spirituality, spiritual healing & free will?

What is free will from a spiritual perspective?

"Free will is the freedom to interpret and respond to each moment in life".

🤔There is an argument free will is an illusion. Everything is predetermined. How does that fit with spirituality?

🔺Cause and affect is very A+B=C. It is very linear.

🔺The mind and thoughts are all about linear one way directional movement.

🔺The heart is more about multidimensional movement.

🔺I think that is why i feel this idea of ONLY cause and effect LACKS HEART and SOUL.

🔺It lacks purpose and meaning.

🔺I personally do not want to live in a world where only my past determines my future in a set in stone way.

🔺It means there is no possibility for transformation. I think life is all about the possibility and the opportunity for transformation - for growth and change.

🔺But we need to stand up and take huge responsibiloty to do that. I wonder if it is easier for people to say it is all cause and effect and opt out of engaging in the opportunities available to them in the moment.

🔺I believe free will helps us to be self determining; to make choices that effect our experience of life; if not OUR DESTINATION.

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