July 28, 2021

Soul and Spirit

Two words thrown around a lot! Especially in my field of expertise - psychic spiritual healing. 

Is there a difference between soul and spirit? If so, what is it?

I have 3 points to make - let's dive in together!

1. Potential vs Actual self: An analogy for Soul and Spirit. 

Consider this. There is a difference between who you actually are, and who you as a person have the potential to be.

Allow me to offer a very simple example. You might know you have the capacity to be light hearted and inspiring. However the way your current days and life are constructed, together with your mental health, your physical vitality and so on, might mean you currently - rarely - actually get to be this light hearted and inspiring part of your self. Thus thiis part of self is currently more in the realms of potential.

The light hearted part of self does not forever disappear. It is there - in potential! However there is limited opportunity to actualise it. That is actually be and embody it. 

Actual Self - who and what who you are and have the opportunity to currently be.

Potential Self- other parts of self you know you can be.

The actual and potential selves co-exist in you at all times. There is an edge between them. This edge is where pure potential can flow over into embodiment - into actuality! 

Why am I telling you this?

To illustrate an analogy. You have a spirit which is 100% made of the light of "the Spirit". Your spirit is your own alchemical and bespoke version of the "the light". When it comes to the comparison of soul and spirit, in this analogy your spirit is pure potential. The parts of your spirit which have become embodied, this is what is commonly refered to as soul. Just like your actual and potential selves, your soul and spirit are aspects of a whole. 

Your Spirit is pure potential and your Soul is an embodied aspect of your Spirit.

2. Your spirit is a blueprint and your soul is the embodiment of this blueprint.

Your spirit is already 100% everything it needs to be. Pure wholeness you could say!

Your soul on the other hand, from an embodiment perspective, is growing into knowing, believing and trusting it is 100% what it needs to be. It is growing into believing this wholeness. 

Your spirit is the blueprint of which your soul is growing into knowing, understanding and believing it is. In fact your soul is an expression of the blueprint of your spirit. 

3. The reality is you are both human and you are a soul-spirit!

You are a human being with personhood, personality, persona, and with a free will. As a human being the environment and the greater universe shapes and conditions you.

Some of your shaping and conditioning is desirable and some less so. 

When you embody the nature and the character of your soul, it helps you counteract unwanted shaping from your environment and the universe at large.  

Thus being human is a very good opportunity for soul growth. 

Allow me to finish with this equation.

As a human being, the more you embody your soul, the more you actualise the potential of your spirit!

What is next for you in your journey building a relationship to your personal soul and spirit? I would love to offer my support!

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