September 01, 2020


 🌞Your SPIRIT GUIDE is an under utliised PRACTICAL resource!

🌟I promise they are not some sort of woo hoo spiritual mumbo jumbo!

Allow me set the scene.

💥Earth matter joins together with the forces of spirit, and you as a body with a human identity of self emerges.

💥You also have a soul present in the matter of your body.

💥Your spirit holds within it all the potential of what you can be - what can be created in your body and self - from the coming together of spirit and matter.

💥Your soul holds all the accumulated wisdom of how to live and BE your spirit potential in this material realm.

How do Spirit Guides come into this? Im glad you asked!

🌟Your Spirit Guide’s light is synergistically matched to your spirit light. Thus their light is perfectly matched to guide, inspire and support you to embody the wisdom and potential in your soul and spirit.

Grounding: Help you to be present to all you are as a person made of matter, earth, soul and 100% human too.

Centred: Help keep you nice and centered into who and what you are being in each moment of time, as you move through your life. Supporting your self awareness.

Grounding & Centring: Enables you to be more self determining when it comes to how you are unfolding through life as a human person with soul.

When I introduce a person to their Spirit Guide I give the exact tools needed to call them into the body to create connection and relationship.

I spend about up to an hour with each Spirit Guide before the workshop immersing myself in their light to give a practical, clear, detailed reading description of their light and what aspects of soul and spirit embodiment they are encouraging and supporting.

A few other essential functions of your Spirit Guide:

1️⃣Hold you in all the spirit light and soul wisdom you have already incorporated into your sense and knowing of self. Hold all you have yet to incorporate too. They hold both in you at once. Inspiring your alignment and potential at all times.

2️⃣Hold the edge between the actualised and potential self.
Remind you through their light of the talents, gifts and unique wisdom you hold - all of which enriches your life with purpose and meaning.

3️⃣Support your physical, spiritual and psychological health.

4️⃣Help you hold clear and well-developed boundaries. Essential for very empathetic people easily pulled out of alignment by the going on's of the world around. Enabling you to hold your sensitivity, make more sense of all that psychic information coming to you, and hold it in a way where you can stay true to you.

5️⃣If you float off into the spirit realms to much they can ground you back to the physcial. If you get too caught in the physical mundane they can lift your spirits.

6️⃣I could go on and on……

Meet Your Spirit guide Online Workshop: 6th of July 6pm AEST.
MORE INFO:…/meet-your-spirit-guide….

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