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Embody Your Spirit

Embody Your Spirit - The 4 Pillars of Spiritual Self Care
Physical, Mental and Emotional Health

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Embody Your Spirit. 4 Pillars of Self Care. Spiritual Teacher. Spirit Guide. Energy healing. Chakra Healing. Soul Wisdom. Psychic. Mind Body Connection. Flower Essences. Space Clearing. Past Lives.

Embody Your Connection to Spirit 

You are so much more than you know yourself to be!

  • You a material body made of the elements of the earth - no revelation there!
  • You are also divine - made of spirit and light.
  • You identify as a human - and perceive/interpret self through thought, intuition and instinct.
  • You are also a soul - your soul has a unique nature which enriches your life with purpose and meaning.

Each of these 4 pillars of self are equally important. Each requires attention, nurture and care - individually and collectively!

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  • Deepens your understanding of the 4 pillar nature of self.
  • Assists you to diagnose which pillar to prioritise in your self care in any given moment in time.
  • Provides specific & practical tools to balance and nourish each of the 4 pillars with healing light.

Course Details: 1 hour live Zoom class for 5 weeks. Your investment is $495 - $99 per class inclusive of GST.

⭐️ Week 1: Introduction: Overview of the 4 pillar framework. Understanding the holistic spiritual nature of self. Define important terms. The relevance of the 3P’s: peace, presence and perspective for your personal self care. A tool for self healing with Archangel Michael.

⭐️ Week 2: The spirit self: The focus here is on recognising you are a spirit of light. Learn why and how to use your Spirit Guide to clean, clear and align your overall internal energy - so you can keep raising your consciousness to embody more tangible awareness of your spirit.

⭐️ Week 3: The Human Self: How you are defining your human identity of self? Connect thought, intuition and instinct in a balanced and harmonious way. Increase your souls ability to offer you its wisdom.

⭐️ Week 4: The Body: Bring the healing light of spirit into your physical form. You are made of earth. Learn to embrace and flow with your material nature. There are many material life forms competing for survival in your environment. Build your ecological health - be in harmony and balance with your material environment.

⭐️ Week 5: The Soul: Your psyche is the vehicle for soul expression in your body. How to facilitate soul expression through your physical, mental, emotional and psychological expressions of life and experience.

Here’s what Sheryl said after completing the EMBODY YOUR SPIRIT course…

"I absolutely recommend anyone grappling with trying to understand spiritual phenomena participate in this course. Many complex concepts were explored and clarified with relative ease. I found it really stimulating and satisfying to be involved in these sessions and enjoyed the mix of theory and practical tools we were given”.


  • Receive practical and highly useful information on the 4 pillars of spiritual health care.
  • Be expertly guided to understand why merging your spiritual hygiene is necessary for your self care toolbox as part of your general overall health care.
  • Connect to powerful healing spirits who will help you to tend to your 4 pillars and apply self healing where required.
  • Deepen connection to the transformational light of your spirit for guidance and self healing.
  • Stimulate expression of your soul wisdom - and all ist gifts & abilities - to deepen the sense of meaning and purpose in your life.

Renewed vitality and vibrancy will be your reward!