Welcome to the Complimentary Self Healing Resources Page: Please enjoy!

🙌 There are 8 Guided meditations.

🙌 Each meditation is a mini spiritual healing.

  • When choosing a meditation you can use the description and/or go with your intuition . Do not over think it. You cannot get it wrong!
  • Please email me anytime if you have a question! trinalucas@spirit-based-therapies.com.

Guided Healing Meditation for Clearing and Protection.

  • This meditation is the energetic equivalent of brushing your teeth! 
  • It cleans, clears and protects your body and energy.
  • It removes "pollution", generated inside your body, or accumulating around your body, which doesn’t serve you.
  • It strongly and profoundly fosters connection with your spirit guide.


    The Burning Method Clearing and protection Demonstration.

    • This video teaches you a practical ritual for keep your body and your life clean and clear of unwanted energy build up.
    • The ritual opens a channel of connection and communion with your spirit, spirit guide and THE SPIRIT.

    Carmelita: Guided Healing Meditation for Self Worth and Self Esteem.

    • Meet the healing spirit Carmelita. Her speciality is psychological health and well being.
    • She presents with the colours electric blue and purple.

    Carmelita assists with:

    • She profoundly centres you.
    • Integration of your mind, intuition and instinct.
    • Maintaining of healthy boundaries.
    • Assist you to generate more of your self worth, self value and self esteem from your internal soul nature.

    In Carmelita’s words:

    “There is so much measuring and comparing of worth in your world. What are you measuring and comparing your worth to? I can help you to connect, feel and bring to expression the wealth of worth abundantly available to you from your own light - your Spirit - and from your individual embodiment of that light - your Soul. Imagine a world where people are not competing for worth. Imagine a world where all are able to tap into our innate sense of worth. What a more psychological stable, harmonious and peaceful world it would be. “

       Star of David Healing Meditation for Peace and Physical Healing. 

      • Meet the healing spirit David. His speciality is PEACE.
      • He presents as a pale blue star.

      David assists with:

      • David profoundly grounds you.
      • He connects you into the Earth's soul. How? The Earth has a spirit and a soul flowing through her. You are made of the Earth's elements. David connects you to the flow of the Earth's soul/spirit in the elements your body.
      • He supports the natural intelligence in the matter of your physical body to reassert itself.
      • David is an excellent remedy for physical health concerns.

      In David’s words:

      “Leave your worries and concerns behind, it is in peace that you will create the life of your deepest yearning.”

        Deep Soul Peace and Clarity Guided Healing Meditation.

        • Meet the wonderful Dr Jeffries.
        • He is a healing spirit who specialises in Deep Soul Peace & Clarity.
        Dr Jeffries assists with:
        • Flow of soul gifts in and through the landscape of your psyche to enter your behaviours, emotions, thoughts and biochemistry. 
        • Assists you ego self to open up to your soul based gifts and abilities. 
        • Enables unencumbered flow of your soul wisdom through your body and life. 
        • Creates the peace, harmony, and clarity you need to be in rhythm with your soul yearning.

        In Dr Jeffries words:

        “Equanimity is key to soulful presence. You are a being of light. Don’t forget that - you like me, are a being from the light. I will assist your light to shine more brightly. Be your own gift to self - bring your gift of self to the world.”

          Archangel Uriel: Guided Healing Meditation for Soul Awakening.

          • Colour: YELLOW.
          • Defining Attribute: PURPOSE & POTENTIAL


          "Be the gift of the true nature of your light in the world. Live your purpose".

          Archangel Uriel will assist you to:

          • Deepen your knowing of who you are - your authentic self. Thus gain clarity on your direction in life.
          • Help you feel connected to the PURPOSE of your existence in all you are and all you do.
          • Walk the deeper purpose and meaning of your life.
          • Centre you in each moment.
          • Connect you to the unique potential available to you in each and every moment of your life. Inspire you to live this potential.
          • Archangel Uriel’s clarity creates opportunities for you to live out your potential.

            Archangel Raphael: Guided Healing Meditation - Soul Heal Thyself.

            • Colour: GREEN.
            • Defining Attribute: HOPE, SELF LOVE, HARMONY & HEALING


            "Archangel Raphael’s light raises you in hope and inspires you to be the activity of benevolent love to self and the world".

            Meditate with Archangel Raphael:

            • Love breeds connection.
            • Pure love, unburdened by reciprocity and expectation of outcome, engenders benevolence.
            • Benevolence fosters harmony; an intention, a wish, and a desire for one and all to benefit in equality.
            • Pure love, spiritual love, holds HOPE and promise that we are all one and the same. We are all connected.
            • Through connection we affect, and are effected by, each other.
            • Archangel Raphael helps you find a HOPE and harmony of love in the connection of one and all.
            • Hold your self worth in high regard. Respect the worth of all.

              Archangel Michael: Guided Healing Meditation for Spirit Awakening.

              • Colour: PURPLE
              • Defining Attribute: TRUTH & DIVINITY & JOY


              "The lighter and brighter your consciousness, the more aware and present you are to spirit".

              Mediate with Archangel Michael:

              • Archangel Michael is a sword of TRUTH penetrating the whole universe - without limits.
              • His light is so bright, it is blinding. It casts aside all shadow. It cuts through illusion. It guides and directs you to the very essence and the very nature of all.
              • Spirit is truth and Archangel Michael helps you find the spirit within you.
              • This is achieved not only by the sheer magnitude of brightness of his light, Archangel Michael also assists you to merge with the current of the spirit within you.
              • He lifts your personal vibration. He raises your consciousness. He lightens you. 

                Archangel Gabriel: Guided meditation for body and Spirit integration.

                • Colour: BLUE
                • Defining Attribute: PEACE & SELF DISCOVERY & SOUL GIFTS


                "Meet and birth your natural gifts. Begin and align to your journey of self actualisation".

                Meditate with Archangel Gabriel:

                • He is a beacon of peace.
                • Quieten your internal territory of self. Steady your thoughts, your feelings and your will. Steady all the activity of life in your body.
                • Through peace, you go deeper. When you go deeper; when you dig deeper, you discover and you awaken.
                • There is more to you than meets the eye. There is more to you than meets the heart. Through peace - deep peace - you discover and birth the untapped potential of your nature.