Spiritual Healer / Psychic Spiritual Counselling / 26 Years Experience

Enable your Spirit to pave your unique path to health and healing
  • Do you have persistent symptoms or patterns of behaviour that defy diagnosis and treatment regardless of dedication and effort?
Trina’s 20 years clinical experience of medical mediumship can offer you a unique and fresh perspective. 
    • Psychic-Spiritual Diagnosis and Healing

    • Psychic-Spiritual Counselling

    • Psychic-Spiritual Diagnosis and Healing for Animals

    • Psychic Communication with Animals

    • DISTANT HEALING for those in regional Victoria, interstate or overseas

    • Pass-over Assistance for Family and Loved Ones

    • Communication with Family and Loved Ones who have Passed Over

    You may be feeling blocked, stuck on repeat with an outdated pattern, cut off from your intuition and instincts, unbalanced, or off track.

    You may have an autoimmune condition, a chronic or acute illness, a chronic infection, environmental toxins, unresolved trauma, dirty genes, digestive concerns, reproductive system symptoms, or a mental health concern such as depression, anxiety, or panic attacks.

    Trina’s offers you a unique skill set.

    • She communicates psychically with an amazing team of trusted, caring, and all knowing healing spirits.
    • During your session, your body communicates directly to her psychic senses. It informs her where you are at, and the symptom producing blocks and struggles you are encountering.
    • Trina and her spirit healing team make clear sense of the received information, offering you a diagnosis detailing a unique take on your healing needs and priorities.
    • Trina’s spirit healer team merge their light into your body to bring about the healing you require. They provide suggestions for your on going healing needs.