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Jared Osbourne www.embodyingman.com"Trina I’m so grateful".

"Yesterday’s session was incredible. My sessions with you never to cease to amaze me. How profoundly different I feel in the space of an hour, and not just energetically and spiritually; physical, emotional, mental… the whole lot.

And the insights from our conversations give me so much to work with.

You’ve become a key support for me to do my work in the world, and are enabling me to do things I may never have found my way to. Or may have taken me a longer time to find my way to.

Thank you so much, working with you is one of the best investments I’ve ever made."

Anna Tuchtan"I have been seeing Trina for 17 years for both healing of physical sickness and for guidance in my own path as a healer. I feel that her powerful healing team have been walking with me all this time.

I see Trina as a soul doctor.  When chronic and acute sickness has presented in my body she is able to see and heal it at its source to degrees that only a dedicated, intelligent and focused healer can work - at the level of my soul. Her understanding of the spiritual world and her psychic abilities are both extensive.  Trina's knowledge of physiology and medical disease processes is also incorporated in her work and she works complimentary to western medicine when needed.

Trina has helped me to conceive my children where my fertility was poor and has helped me with many digestive problems. But most importantly healing my soul has led to my spiritual health and I am happier than I have ever been.

I trust now that I was guided to see Trina. There is no other healer that I trust more. I have recommended her to many people over many years and still do.

Trina has been an inspiration for my direction in my work as a spiritual healer.  She has supported me in the meeting of my own guidance and healing team.  It really is life changing to be in conscious communication with spirit".

JW Victoria"I adore coming to see Trina! She channels energy and information clearly and accurately with great insight. Even though the issues we work on are serious and in-depth, we can always share a laugh together, and I love spending time in the beautiful energy created in her sessions. Trina is the only healer I will see as I know she works with integrity and authenticity".

Liz "I did a ‘Meet your Spirit Healer Team’ series of sessions with Trina. The best way I can describe the change Trina has made in my life is through an analogy: I felt like I was holding one of those huge hoses on a fire truck.  When it turned on the water would spray everywhere.  I could partially control it, but it took a lot of effort and sometimes I realised too late that it was on.  Through working with Trina I have control of the hose – I can turn it on and off, and when it is on I can direct it where it needs to go.  It is such a relief!  I am so much more peaceful, trusting and in alignment with my purpose.  I can’t recommend Trina highly enough."

Zara "I have been seeing Trina as my healer for 10 years or so. It’s been absolutely transformational. It’s a bit difficult to know where to start because the healings have been many and encompass all sorts of issues both in the areas of physical health, emotional wellbeing and helping me push through areas where I have been stuck.

Trina has fixed some very serious health problems I was suffering from last year, diagnosing and healing them completely. She has helped me professionally in my fields of work and business, as well as helping me connect to my higher self and start to discover and trust my own gifts. I am ever so grateful to Trina for far too many reasons to list here."

Atira Tan TEDxSpeaker / Teacher / Therapist / Author“I have been seeing Trina for many years and cannot recommend her enough. Through my travels, spiritual search and personal healing journey, I have never met anyone as effective and powerful as Trina and her team of healing spirits. Her healing approach is incredibly unique as she works multi-dimensionally, navigating the different realms of our existence: from the soul/spirit to the physical, from the astral to past lives.

I first came to Trina as a client because I was suffering from various auto-immune diseases, leaky gut syndrome, chronic fatigue, Epstein Barr virus, heavy metals toxicity and other complicated infections due to my travels and work in international development. I had spent almost ten years working in third world countries in challenging situations such as slums, refugee camps and remote communities, and my health deeply suffered as a result. I went to many medical professionals for support, however, Trina was one of the only healers that truly understood the root of my health issues, and within 6 months of consistent sessions, I was able to heal, and have been healthy since. I continue to live an outstanding and deeply fulfilling life as a global nomad and teacher, activist and change maker, and continue my work in international development to this day, without any major health problems for the past few years since her help and support.
I could not do what I do as the founder/CEO of Art to Healing without Trina’s help. I am truly grateful that she is part of my support team, both personally and professionally, spiritually and physically. In addition to her healing strengths and experience, Trina is grounded, honest, authentic, kind and thoughtful. I have no doubt that working with Trina would enhance your life in the deepest and most profound ways, as I have experienced with her”.

Tristan "I have seen Trina for several sets of healing sessions since 2012. As a healer Trina is exact, comprehensive, empowering and genuine. In each session she explains the work that has been done clearly and her knowledge is such that I have never been left confused or vague about the nature of her psychic spiritual process. Trina has helped my body heal from physical ailments – when I first began to see Trina I had removed onion, tomato and several other foods from my diet completely and was resigned to living with regular digestive intolerance. After my first set of healings I was able to re introduce these foods and feel tangibly more robust and healthy.

Trina and the team of healing spirits she works with have also been an enormous support healing and helping me understand my anxiety/depression and low self esteem. The fulfillment I have undergone as a growing person and the opportunity that has opened before me through the healing work Trina has done is something that simply needs to be experienced to be understood. Trina has consistently proved to be wise, intelligent, powerful, compassionate, and kind. The sense of safety and reassurance she creates makes the process gentle and welcoming- especially when dealing with the parts of myself/my life that I have been angry, ashamed or scared of."

Simone & Poppy the Dog"We recently sought help from Trina for our young  dog Poppy. As an 18 month-old kelpie cross she had developed some pretty serious behavioural issues, mainly around fear-based aggression. We had worked with numerous dog trainers before seeing Trina and they were able to help to some degree. However, the work that Trina and her incredible team provided, treated Poppy’s problems at the core and healed the root cause of her behaviour. We now have a completely different doggoe!
Trina’s degree of insight and mastery of her craft has also been invaluable to us in reaching a greater understanding of why Poppy is the way she is. Any remaining fear-aggression behaviours are now much more easy for Poppy and us to manage.
I honestly don’t know how we would have moved forward with Poppy without the help of Trina and her team. Trina is like no other healer I have known, she is highly perceptive, articulate, and brilliant.
You are fabulous Trina. We are sincerely grateful to you for your work!"

Louise C"My work with Trina has liberated me from the mindless stimulus-response program we all develop in reaction to our traumas and challenges.  I am no longer a prisoner of explosively reactive behaviour I ultimately end up regretting. Or at the mercy of a set of pre-programmed emotional triggers that leave me feeling powerless.  I feel more stable in the face of challenges, and I now have the time to choose my response.  This benefit of seeing Trina was not my main aim.  Like most people, a physical health concern drove me to seek a healer, yet the feeling of unearthing the real me beneath the chains of these self-protective programs was and remains indescribably wonderful.  I have become more “Me” than I have ever been, and the more “Me” I become, the less I am unbalanced by the external world.”

Alexie "I have been undertaking healing sessions with Trina since 2008. Over the years I have felt immensely grateful for her care, insight, and capacity to channel energy towards the areas of my health and well-being that require strengthening and healing. The work Trina has facilitated for me over this decade, has often led not to the healing that in my conscious self I desired, but rather to a much deeper and more profound healing of those parts of myself I could not reach alone or heal with such depth and lasting resonance. Working with Trina is not necessarily about a quick salve or outcome but instead the healing offers the opportunity to draw on the myriad gifts an encounter with an intangible but utterly extraordinary energy can provide: an encounter that can completely shift the core of your being and embolden you to give greater love back into the world and towards yourself."

Chloe -  "When I first spoke to Trina I knew she was the healer for me. Her clarity, confidence and wisdom was obvious from the first conversation. I had very serious physical health problems that no one had been able to help me with. Trina was able to untangle and resolve many symptoms on different layers of my being that dogged me for years. I have always found Trina to be a sound counsel and confidante. I honestly think she has saved my life a couple of times. If you have searched the alternative healing world for assistance, look no further."

Rachel Cox / Intuitive Healer @ Temple Soul"I first met Trina in January of 2013 and equate my healing experience with her as the start of my spiritual awakening. When I look back now at what has happened since that first healing, I feel overwhelmed and beyond grateful she stepped across my path. A whole new spiritual world opened up for me. Paths were cleared, doors were opened and my life changed in the most dramatic way possible. 
Fast forward to 2018 and I was in an enormous spiritual funk and everything – and I mean everything in my life was falling apart. I knew there was only one woman for the job. Trina’s healing is nothing short of miraculous. I had been feeling appalling for four months and she managed to shift the energy I hadn’t been able to shift in one session. The guidance I received was incredibly helpful and the healing energies profound at the deepest level. Trina has been an important and integral part of my journey and no doubt will continue to be. Receiving healing from Trina is a life changing experience and one for which I am eternally grateful."

Jacqui“I am blessed to have found Trina – I go to Trina when I need help with big shifts. I found her to be truly gifted, insightful, and experienced to facilitate precision in my healing. She is a guided master and I have experienced profound healing and shifts which have impacted my life profoundly. I am very grateful for the years Trina has spent in honing her craft and skill to deliver such amazing deep healing.

What I love about the way Trina works is that there is a timeline for completion and she is always willing to assist me outside my session. Trina was recommended to me and I recommend her to others”.

Karyn"My 10 year old has been struggling for the last 5 years with confidence and creating boundaries for himself within various areas of his life. Despite all the positive reinforcement and support given at home, it has always been an uphill battle to make even just the smallest difference.  Our family Naturopath had suggested I have a chat with Trina and although I felt a reasonable amount of skepticism initially, we haven’t looked back.  My son received a sequence of distance healing sessions from Trina and all those around him have noticed a significant increase in confidence, resilience and strength of character.  I have recommended Trina to a friend whose child is experiencing a completely different set of challenges and they too are enjoying considerable improvements. I highly recommend Trina."

Louise"I have seen Trina for many years and she has provided immeasurable support to my family in managing our health and wellbeing. After seemingly endless tests and medical examinations, Trina assisted me to identify the underlying cause of my chronic illness. I was then able to have that diagnosis validated by my doctor and develop an appropriate treatment plan, combining both western medicine and spiritual healing. Trina’s approach is professional, empathetic and respectful. She is a truly gifted healer and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with her."

Virginia"I am a 53 year old nurse. I first came to see Trina seeking to manage the debilitating symptoms of a chronic health problem. Over time, these distressing symptoms have decreased in severity and frequency. At present I am living a normal life and have experienced many months symptom free."

Kate"I have been seeing Trina as my foundational healing guide for over two years now. During that time, I was diagnosed as having Cervical Dysplasia – low-grade cellular abnormality of the cervix. Because it had been over 8 years of consistent abnormal pap smears, the allopathic doctors I was seeing were pushing for further testing in the hospital system, and potential removal of the cells. Not wanting to choose this path, and knowing that physical removal was not addressing the core of the issue, I chose to bring it to Trina and commit to journeying with her for as long as felt right to clear the issue.

Trina looked me in the eye with confidence, saying that she had cleared dysplasia before, and that it was completely possible with me. With trust I surrendered to journeying what I needed to and committed to showing up each fortnight or so over a period of approximately 6 months.

Over that time, so much shifted for me as Trina and her guides worked to clear what was sitting in the way of a deeper anchoring of my essence in embodiment. Trina was always incredibly encouraging and supportive, and a mirror for my self-belief in the process.

After 7 months I returned for another smear – with the results being completely healthy. I was completely ecstatic! I continue to see Trina and the vista of possibilities in my growth, healing and understanding of myself, others, life continues to open exponentially. Trina is truly the real deal. I am so deeply inspired by her commitment, her unwavering dedication to her amazing Spirit-work and to being all that she can be as a human being on the planet at this time. WOW."

Araleena"Trina was able to clear high levels of both mercury and cadmium out of my system. During a course of fortnightly sessions over a few months she was able to pull the toxicity out of my cells and nervous system.  After each session I would feel better and then there was a point where I felt like she was lifting a slab of concrete off my body.  The sense of relief and release after this session was remarkable and from that point my healing progressed more rapidly.  When i started seeing Trina I was chronically ill with Cytomegalovirus, I was barely able to work part-time, I couldn’t exercise and I never went out at night, I couldn’t drink any alcohol whatsoever, I never drank coffee, I had eaten organic food for the last decade, I had studied naturopathy and used herbs and nutritional supplements, I ate really healthy foods and yet, I wasn’t well.  Now I work full time, feel refreshed when I wake up, can exercise and see my friends and enjoy life.   The improvement is beyond what I could have imagined during the time when I was really ill."

Nadia"I have been a client of Trina’s for around ten years. Her knowledge of the body and its functions is extensive, and she has played a key role in diagnosing health conditions in myself and my children, that were otherwise missed by conventional medicine.  Trina’s guidance has helped me through challenging times and she is my go-to practitioner for emotional and physical complaints."