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Meet Your Spirit Guide - Awaken the Potential of your Spirit Light

Spiritual Teacher. Spirit Guide. Energy healing. Chakra Healing. Soul Wisdom. Psychic. Mind Body Connection. Flower Essences. Space Clearing. Past Lives.



on Zoom for 1.5 hours

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Your Spirit Guide is an incredible practical self care and personal growth resource who; 

🙌 Assists you to bring healingto self and others!
🙌 Helps you understand, with depth, the unique soul gifts and abilities infusing your life with purpose & meaning.
🙌 Grounds and anchors your wisdom - infusing it directly to your INTUITION and INSTINCT - as you navigate your personal life path.
If you want to discover the beauty of your unique soul qualities, and understand more the incredible value you bring to the world, then the Meet your Spirit Guide Workshop is ideal for you.
How does it work?
1. Receive a channelled reading - One week before the workshop I spend up to an hour immersed in the light of your Spirit Guide and your Spirit/Soul light. This process multiplies your connection to your Spirit Guide. Detailed information about the characteristics of your Spirit Guide and Spirit/Soul are recorded and this reading is offered during the workshop.
2. Feel the light of your spirit guide -The workshop is an opportunity to feel and experience the light of your Spirit Guide and Spirit/Soul. And the light of other peoples as well.
3. Come face to face with your soul wisdom - Not only will you receive a detailed reading of the characteristics, gifts and abilities in your soul, your intuitive and instinctive connection to your soul wisdom will be enhanced.
4. Discover more about the purpose and meaning of the human experience - Each Spirit Guide that presents offers such delicious, awe-inspiring and interesting information about the nature of the human experience and the universe at large.
🙌 The connection created during this workshop will help you bring your Guide’s light consciously into your body and support you to unfold a pathway for authentic self expression.
🙌 Helping you stay true to your higher purpose and supporting you to be in service to self and the world with harmony, heart and grace.
You will receive practical tools to reinforce and build your relationship to your Spirit Guide.
✅ Their colour.
✅ Their presenting image.
✅ An in depth description of the quality of their light and why it synergises with your Soul/Spirit light. What this reveals about your GIFTS & ABILITIES.
✅ A precise way to call them in.

ALL THIS FOR $250 inclusive of GST!

Who am I?
My name is Trina. I have spent over 20 years fine tuning my connection of communication to Spirit as a Psychic Spiritual Healer/Teacher and Medical Medium.
I am passionate about supporting your personal and unique relationship to Spirit. There is no one way for this relationship to unfold - only YOUR WAY!
🙌 Here’s what Lisa said after connecting with her guide…
“I wanted to find soulful direction and know myself better, but I had no idea if the workshop would deliver on this! I knew Trina was a highly skilled healer and medical medium, so I took a chance. I’m so glad I did!
The workshop was incredibly powerful, giving me a clear description of my guide, her light and how she wants to work with me. Since, I have a greater trust in my own intuitive gifts which has stabilised my energy and allowed me to work at a higher level.”
🙌 There is so much more to who and what you are . So much of your inner life remains a mystery. Your Spirit Guide is your companion in the mystery of life.
🙌 Your Spirit Guide knows who and what you have been in past incarnations, who and what you are being now, the blueprint of your spirit into which you seek to mirror on Earth as a human, and the fullness of the potential you can be right here and right now in this moment and the next.

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Your Guide cannot wait to meet you!!!!!
WORKSHOP PREVIEW VIDEO: https://youtu.be/11nmcf9B77s