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Keep your boundaries healthy with Spiritual Healing!

Is sensitivity one of your superpowers?

As a sensitive loving and caring person I bet you are well attuned to where others are at, how they are feeling and what their needs are.

Boundaries are essential for your SUPERPOWER of sensitivity to not become a SUPER-BURDEN!


When you’re stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed, you can be compelled to take on more than your fair share of other people's struggles or predicaments. We all can!

You do not want to be walking around attracting, absorbing and carrying stress and struggle that are not yours.

My Spirit Healer Team addresses boundaries uniquely with each person in every spiritual healing session to one degree or another. 

I have 3 important points about boundary care and maintenance.

Before I do, I want you to know there is so much more spirit has to teach about the anatomy of boundaries!

  • I find there is not a lot of time after a 1:1 spiritual healing session to explain the logic and theory behind how the spiritual, soul, mental, emotional and physical realms of self interrelate and why certain psyche anatomy, such as boundaries, are required to be addressed repeatedly.
  • This is one reason why I am setting up a new spiritual healing model in a group format so you can receive the tailored healing you need PLUS explore and understand more of the why of your personal process
  • Knowledge and understanding of the why helps you find and fund greater compassion and empathy for self.

There are details at the end of this email.  

Boundaries have a tangible structural form - I see them with my psychic senses!

In spiritual healing boundaries are not an arbitrary concept or idea. They are a tangible and structural reality.  It is visible to me where there are structural dysfunctions. It is also visible to me where energy has been or is pouring out through these structural dysfunctions. Or when unwanted energy has able to seep in.

The structural component to your boundaries can be likened to the perimeter walls of a house.

Without them there is far less definition of where the house begins and ends. Furthermore, outside environmental presences and influences can come and go into the interior or your house easily without having to politely knock on your door.

What wisdom on boundaries can I offer you from my 25 plus years of clinical experience as a Psychic Spiritual Healer and Medical Medium?

Let's begin with 3 points.

🙌 The foundational structure of your boundaries needs maintenance and repair.
  • It is common to see holes and or frayed leaky vulnerable areas in peoples boundaries.
  • This can contribute to you feeling powerless in your ability to hold a good space inside of yourself in a way where you are not overly impacted by what it happening in the external environment around you.
  • It is common to then experience overwhelm, anxiety and stress sometimes resulting in panic. 
  • Holes impact physical, mental and emotional immunity.
🙌 Spending too much time extending past your boundaries structurally weakens them.
  • I see this all the time clinically. You find yourself becoming disengaged from your own wisdom. Your inner knowing of what is right for you in the unique moments life presents to you, It is more difficult to register your wisdom to follow it, or you hear it but reject to due to the pressing needs of something or someone else.
  • Behaving in this way too often is a sure fire way to stretch past your boundaries. It is this behaviour over an extended period of time which leads to holes and leaks in the first place.

🙌 Trauma and stress result in a hyper vigilance around the perimeter of self.

  • Stress comes in many forms. You can have an underlying imbalance you are unaware of causing stress in the body. You may be in challenging and difficult circumstances for a prolonged length of time leading to stress. You may have encountered traumatic events in your life.
  • Trauma and stress result in you spending a disproportion amount of time populating the outside edges of your boundaries in a hyper vigilant manner.
  • Being on the edges makes you feel on edge. It also means you are less centred and grounded to the presence of soul in the fabric of the body.
  • It is your soul which holds the wisdom and deep existential knowing of how to be the wonderful unique creation that you in this world are one of many.
  • Thus spending too much time on the edges, disconnects you from your ability to receive and enact your wisdom.

There is so much more to know about boundaries. It is more than I can write in a single email!

As I mentioned earlier, I am developing an exciting new way for you to work with me.

  • My Spirit Healing Team know the transformation you need for health, personal development and deepening embodiment of your own soul talents and gifts!

I am tentatively calling this new offering the Spiritual Healing Collective. It is for exisiting and new clients alike. If you already work 1:1 with me, it will enhance the experience. If you don't, it can save a lengthly wait to get started. Reply to this email to register your interest!

Bi-monthly, in 1.5 hour online sessions, my Spirit Healer Team will deliver the healing you need for transformational growth in alignment with your soul in 4 important ways. 

HEALING - the healing you need as directed by your soul and implemented by my spirit healer team.
KNOWLEDGE - to understand how and why your healing and personal development process is unfolding the way it is.
ANSWERS - to the questions you have about your individual process.
INTEGRATION - practical exercises to work with between sessions.

Register your interest by emailing me at trinalucas@spirit-based-therapies.com. I will let you know as soon as doors open so you don't miss out.

I am blessed to have found Trina – I go to Trina when I need help with big shifts.

“I have found her to be truly gifted, insightful, and experienced to facilitate precision in my healing. She is a guided master and I have experienced profound healing and shifts which have impacted my life immensely. I am very grateful for the years Trina has spent in honing her craft and skill to deliver such amazing deep healing.

What I love about the way Trina works is that there is a timeline for completion and she is always willing to assist me outside my session. Trina was recommended to me and I recommend her to others”.

- Jacqui

My warmest wishes,
Trina. ✨🙌