The 13 Chakra System Masterclass


Activate your spiritual chakras, profoundly shift your consciousness and reach your potential.

Yes Please!

Tap into and Discover the Unique Wisdom
in each of your Spiritual Chakras.

Activate your Spiritual Chakras in this unmissable 1 Hour Masterclass.

Watch it at your own pace. Yours to keep forever...

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Ascension is enabling your spirit to be more present in your life.

Simultaneously the relationship between your human self and spirit self is changing. More of your spirit potential is available to you.

In this unmissable class you will receive...

  • Knowledge of the essential role each of the spiritual chakras 8-12 play in birthing and anchoring more of your spirit potential into your human self.
  • A profound spiritual healing to activate each of your spiritual chakras.
  • Unlock the wisdom and gifts in each spiritual chakra.

“Words fail to express how powerful this masterclass was for me. I experienced this Archangel Gabriel workshop as an initiation into the deeper unfolding destiny of my heart and life. After the workshop, I experienced a “spiritual awakening” which lasted for about 6 months. As it unfolded, one of the highlights of this experience was the clarity of my soul’s purpose on this planet, and this vision filled up my being and gave me strength, amongst many other things. Even though I’m still integrating this experience, I strongly believe that this workshop was one the main catalyst for the spiritual awakening. My soul’s destiny has never been any clearer than after participating in this workshop. I am so grateful for Trina and Archangel Gabriel for their support, love and assistance in the awakening of our planet.”

— Atira Tan, Somatic Trauma Specialist, Educator and Activist, Australia.