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My name is Trina and I am passionate about supporting you to connect to spirit to harness the natural talents in your spirit light.

I have more than 22 years experience as a Psychic Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Medical Medium and Spirit Channel.

  • You are so much more than you know yourself to be. Not only are you made of earth you are also made of light. Spirit light is part of the force of life in your body.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a safely held space, offering structure and support to cultivate and maintain relationship with your light.
  • This is a grounded community offering you a genuine opportunity to connect with actualspirit light.


  • Spirit heals you. Your light is a direct expression of your spirit. Contained in the light of your spirit is everything you have the potential to be as a human being. All you have the capacity to be physically, mentally, emotionally and behaviourally. EVERYTHING.
  • Spirit heals you. There are periods in your life when you will become bogged down in the business of being human. You will feel your challenges overshadow you; social, cultural, family, and work demands are overly shaping your life; genetic, past life or trauma patterns are running the show. Your inner light is your inner wisdom. It can and it will guide your path. It will support you to endure and overcome what blocks, stalls, inhibits, overshadows, disrupts, confuses and obscures you.
  • Spirit nourishes you. Your spirit light is like your own inner cheer squad. Your soul holds within it all the wisdom of who and what you can be as a human; all the potential inherent in your light. Part of your soul is present in your body always as your higher self. Your soul loves you unconditionally. It believes, trusts, knows and has faith you as a person can reflect it. Creating, cultivating and maintaining connection to your light gives you access to all your nourishing soul qualities and MORE!

  • Archangels are messengers of light - pure and simple. They deliver pure light of spirit anywhere and everywhere it is needed. Nothing stands in their way.
  • You are constantly reminded in your daily life who you are as a human being.
  • The Archangels nourish, support and remind you who you are as divine. You are more than the person who you know yourself to be in the daily grind of your life.


  • Every week a different Archangel presents to offer their transformational light to the group for the week. I channel their words of wisdom to guide, heal and nourish you on your path. A path through this material universe where you are constantly balancing your material, human and spiritual self.
  • Mondays I do a FB live. I present wisdom from the week’s Archangel. Information on how to connect with them. And a short meditation to bring the light of the Archangel into your body and life. You will be sent an event notification so you can choose to participate live if you like.
  • Tuesday to Thursday I nudge you with a post to remember to connect, for even the briefest moment, to the weeks Archangel.
  • Fridays I present another FBlive summing up the wisdom of the Archangel and another short meditation. Again you will be sent an event notification so you can choose to participate live if you like.


πŸ’œ #ArchangelMichael Your pathway to expanding your consciousness beyond your humanity to reach in to the light of spirit.

πŸ’™ #ArchangelGabriel Your pathway to birthing a self beyond habit/limitation and entrenched patterns. Discover more of self.

πŸ’š #ArchangelRaphael Your pathway to unconditional love and acceptance of self.

πŸ’› #ArchangelUriel Your pathway to fully expressing the talents of your soul - in all their gifts, grace and glory.

  • Our lives all ebb and flow. If you are unable to show up for a week or more - no problem! Just drop back in and begin where ever you please.
  • It really helps to keep your relationship to your Spirit unfoldment light hearted and compassionate.
  • Dig into the archives.
  • You can search for any Archangel using the hashtag and their name. Some weeks we delve into a particular theme such as presence. That theme will be hash tagged to make it readily searchable too.


    With the light of the Archangels - let’s grow in relationship to Spirit together.
    • I encourage you to feel safe to share your experiences of spirit in the group. The sublime, the frustrations, and all that lies in between.
    • Ask questions. Request Archangels. Request themes to be addressed.
    • When you like or comment the Fb algorithm makes sure you receive notifications to this group. It helps share the love.

      There is no one way to be in relationship to Spirit - only your way!
      Spirit is transformational change for the benefit of self and all - in harmony - and in love.
      Be the change in the world you yearn for - BE YOUR SPIRIT.