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May 26, 2024

Firstly I have a brief story to kick us off...

I was a teen. My dad was helping me upgrade to a bigger more powerful motorbike for trail riding. I was in a massive open space. By the side of a lake. In this wide open space was one sole tree stump.

My dad said to me "make sure you do not hit the tree stump".

I was 100% confident I would not hit it! It is a wide open space with one tree stump. Too easy!

Except it was not easy. Being allowed to ride this trail bike felt like a big deal. I was really excited. I did not want to let my dad down. So I thought I was doing the right thing by focusing on the stump to make sure I did not hit it.

However, focusing on the stump kept bringing me closer to it!

I felt foolish and was really ashamed. I kept moving towards the stump and almost hitting it. I mean "how could I be so stupid" I was thinking and feeling.

The power of attraction makes it simple to understand what was happening. What I was focusing on, the stump, was what I was drawing myself towards. The stump was dominating my perspective. The clear open space faded into the background as if it did not exist.

I have 5 points I want you to know about the law of attraction.

1. Where you put your focus is what dominates your reality.

Other aspects of self that are just as true and real disappear. Of course, they do not actually go away as such, they just become removed from your perspective. They become unseen.

2. A negative cycle of attraction establishes itself.

How? An unbalanced perspective begets you drawing yourself deeper and further into unbalanced thinking, emotions and finally behaviours. The unbalanced thoughts, feelings and behaviours reinforce your perspective. The cycle goes on and on feeding itself. This results in an inadvertent pattern of attraction. You overly focus on the negative, can only see the negative, this reinforces the belief only negative exists, and more of it appears to come flooding into your life.

3. I notice we all can get caught doing this on our personal growth travels as well.

Here are the signs to look out for... Example: I don't want to be so stressed anymore. This places the stress front and centre. Your perception becomes homed in on searching for the causes of stress in your life. This is helpful to a degree. But not if you lose sight of what brings you calm, connection and ease. You end up narrowing your perspective onto that of which you wish to change, and away from that of where you are content and happy.

4. Don't just drill down on the negative. Stay connected and focused on the positive too.

Balance is key! Consider these symptoms... Hyper-focusing on what is not working for you can result in you feeling stressed, depleted, dispirited, overwhelmed and unmotivated. You need to keep a perspective on your achievements. When you also bring attention and focus to what works for you, your motivation, energy, enthusiasm and feelings of well-being lift.

5. Trina, how do I break free and focus on dialing up the "good" in my life?

Raise your vibration!

This is the simplest and most effective answer when it comes to spiritual healing.

I see this daily in my clinic. A client comes in for spiritual healing.

Their perspective is skewed.
Reasoning with them through talking results in them outlining mountains of compelling evidence as to why their perspective is 100% true.
After the healing, and many changes have occurred, including a shift in their vibration, of their own volition they start telling me how they realise their former perspective was unbalanced.
They can now hear my wisdom, and their own wisdom again, without instantly blocking and resisting it.
How does raising your vibration help? When you raise your vibration you invite in and enable your spirit to be more present in your life. Your spirit than has more access to adjust your perspective so that it has a more healthy, balanced and truth-filled lens.

Here are 3 ways you can start shifting and raising your vibration right now.

1. Do this free guided meditation to raise your vibration.


2. Download my 13 Chakra System Course and keep it forever using this discount code 50%OFF.

Educate yourself on the 13 chakras and how they assist you to shift your vibration. A powerful healing meditation is included. You can keep returning to this powerful meditation over and over. Here is the link.


3. Register your interest to join the Spiritual Healing Sanctuary on my website!

Be expertly guided to intrinsically understand what raising your vibration means and how it impacts your life. Be empowered to understand how to change your fundamental internal vibration regularly. Receive tailored healing to shift your personal blocks and challenges. Shift the needle significantly to your health and personal growth! 

Any questions about Spirit you would like to me address in my next newsletter? I'd love to hear from you!

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