September 01, 2020

5 Tips on Physical Vitality from a teacher of Spiritual Healing.

1. Your cells are intelligent

"Your cells know they are you!"

    Physical vitality is the energy produced by your cells.Your cells have consciousness - your cells have a knowing of self.

    Your cells are not just machines, like a computer.  

    Consciousness is part of what links cells together to form tissues, organs, organ systems and the organism which is you. Your cells intelligence knows the dynamic equilibrium required for you to thrive and be you.

    My point? Spiritual healing treats consciousness. Practices such as meditating with healing light will support your physical vitality. 

    2. Your cells need love nurture and respect to get the best out of them. 

    Seriously! This is important. We are so in the business of critiquing our physical bodies for a variety of reasons. Be thankful and grateful to your physical form for all it enables you to be and do. Be kind to it. Listen to it. Respond to its cues. Create space for its intelligence to be included in the choices you make. 

    3. Your mind does not always know what is best for your body. 

    What?! Truly. Consider this. The intricate functions and processes supporting and regulating cell health and cellular energy production are vast. Your mind cannot possibly understand them all. 

    The key here is let your mind stay in its zone of genius, and allow your body and cells to tend to the zone of genius.

    Your body will communicate to your mind through intuition and instinct.

    4. Build a relationship with your body

    All relationships need work. And your relationship with your body is no exception. Keep the relationship current - up to date. Im not talking about the way your body was 20 years ago. 

    Engage in activities and practices that give you the opportunity to listen and be present to your bodies wisdom.

    An excellent example is Yoga! There are plenty more.

    5. Unwellness can be a path to self discovery.

    Society can be unkind to people who have chronic health conditions or periods of unwellness. It can make you feel and believe you are lesser. This is absolutely untrue! 

    In regards to self discovery through unraveling the cause for low physical vitality consider the following.

    • When your mind constantly overrides the information and intelligence coming from your body, sometimes your body will scream to be heard.
    • Your are unique. Your journey to unravel your low physical vitality will be different to another persons. Hence unwellness is an opportunity for self discovery!

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