🌟What to do when your EMOTIONS and THOUGHTS are in conflict?!

🌟 Connect to CORE VALUES. Allow me to explain with 4 points.

1. With thoughts you analyse the world and try to work out the “why".

With thoughts, ideas, and brain based analysis, you try to make sense of cause and effect using straight lines.

2. Emotions are your reactions to the world.

Your emotions are your personal reaction to how it feels to be you, living your life, in your body!

Now emotions are not straight lines. Emotions curve, twist, turn, rise high, drop low and so on. The movement of emotions is less predictable.

3. Sometimes your emotions and your thoughts go into battle.

Consider this. Your emotions with all their curvy lines, whipping about here and there, often make no sense to the straight line inclined mind.

Conversely, your thoughts with their propensity for straight clear lines, and cause and effect logic, can dominate and leave no space for your emotional reality.

Conflict sets in!

4. So what to do? CORE VALUES!

The key to restoring harmony is to focus on your core values. Your core values are your personal fundamental beliefs; your internal guiding principles.

Core values can reorient your thoughts and feelings in a way where you start to feel whole and unified again.

Devaluing of your emotions by your thoughts begins reducing. Your emotions yelling and screaming, telling you they are the beginning and end of your personhood, often reduce too.

You are a thinking and feeling being. Both are important interpretations and expressions of life and self. Google a list of core values. Connect to a few key values important to you and your life right now, and start affirming these values.

HINT: Part of the essence of all souls is core values.

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