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March 17, 2024

Trauma has a way of weaving its web through the fabric of all of our lives. Fortunately, Archangel Gabriel is a powerful healer of trauma wounds. 

What do you need to know about trauma?
Let's illuminate the essence of trauma. For most people, trauma is not merely an isolated event, but rather a complex interplay of experiences that overwhelm your ability to cope. Trauma can range from the profound impact of a single distressing incident to the enduring wounds of prolonged adversity.

Is trauma only one event or can it be a result of ongoing unremitting stress?
Trauma isn't just about the initial painful experience; it's about how that experience continues to affect your life as you move forward. Its echoes can ripple through your physical body, mental processes, and emotional well-being, leaving lasting wounds in your psyche.

Why do people feel shaken and overwhelmed by trauma?

Within you lies a bustling ecosystem of thoughts, emotions, and biochemical processes. This internal symphony requires harmony and balance, yet trauma disrupts this delicate equilibrium. In its wake, survival instincts take charge, taking charge of your internal activity in a bid for immediate safety, even if it means sacrificing long-term well-being.

How do trauma patterns take root in your body? 

  • Consider the aftermath of a traumatic encounter, where, for example, the belief of "I am not enough" takes root.
  • This narrative becomes a central organising principle, shaping your perceptions, behaviours, and self-image.
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However, amidst the wounds of trauma, spirituality offers a compelling counterpoint - a reminder that we are inherently worthy, loved, and deserving of compassion.

Spirituality and Archangel Gabriel are a powerful healing balm for trauma!

  • Repeated exposure to trauma can erode your connection to your innate sense of safety in the world.
  • In these moments of disconnection, the luminous presence of Archangel Gabriel beckons.
  • His compassionate light serves as a beacon of hope, offering solace to the wounded aspects of your being and gently guiding you through peace back to your core truth of the soul.

How to invite in Archangel Gabriel's grace to heal your trauma wounds.

  • Invocation: Say the words. "Archangel Gabriel, I humbly invite your beautiful blue light of peace to fill my body and bring healing to my wounds".
  • Visualisation: Envision with your imagination Archangel Gabriel's gentle wings enfolding you in a cocoon of love and understanding.
  • Healing: Within this sacred space, the fractured pieces of your psyche will find some refuge, and the process of reintegration and healing can begin.
  • Guided Meditation: Scroll down and at the bottom of this email is a guided meditation video from my Facebook group focusing on Archangel Gabriel and healing trauma. 

PS: When it comes to spiritual healing…

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