February 12, 2020

Soul Centred Immunity 

Draw from your Soul Wisdom to enhance your immunity.

  • What is soul immunity I hear you ask?
  • How can the soul possible be involved in immunity? 

Let's start at the beginning. Always a good place!

What is immunity?

"The ability to distinguish between what is self and what is not self."

In simple terms immunity is the ability to distinguish between what is self and what is not self.

We see this come into play with autoimmunity. Autoimmune conditions where your immune system is attacking your own tissues are becoming more common. Conditions include psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, arthritis and so the list goes on.

Your identity: the act of defining self. 

In order to be able exercise immunity, you need be able to interpret and determine what is self and what is not. You need to be able to identify self. 

What defines you?

So let’s take a closer look at identity.

Consciousness, energy and vibration - it is all information. All the consciousness that sits in my personal space I identify as Trina -I call it Trina. All the consciousness that sits outside of my personal space I identify as not Trina or other.

Number 1: A key to immunity is having strong and sturdy boundaries of self. Knowing where you begin and end and other or the rest of the world starts is really important.

Number 2: Keeping the energy vibration inside of your body clean and clear is essential to immunity and I will explain why!

No matter how great you are at exercising good boundaries, sometimes something from the outside will makes its way in. An example might be a virus. This virus might have a vibration of “irritation/annoyance”. It comes into your body and it starts trying to create an internal environment suitable for it to flourish. You feel its energy of irritation and annoyance and begin interpreting it as self. And before you know it - it unconsciously influences you to become irritable and annoyed! The more it can shift your internal world to irritability the more it can survive and stick around.

And this is where soul immunity it really important. When you regularly clean and clear your energy field - the entire spectrum of vibration in your body - and when you are practicing good spiritual hygiene and regularly creating the space and time to connect - with presence and awareness - to where your soul wisdom already exist in the very essence of the elements if your body, you can pretty quickly go - hang on a minute. Something doesn’t feel right. Something other than me is in my space. Something other than me is trying to dictate and determine the nature of my internal space! Then to the best of your ability you start to consciously exercise immunity.  

Your soul is like a filter. It knows what resonates with you and what does not. Your soul has literally life times upon life times of experiences to draw upon in terms of knowledge and wisdom. 

When you practice soulful internal connection, when you keep yourself spiritually healthy, then your soul has the maximum expression it can achieve in your material body, feeling, emotions and thoughts. And it can then help you determine what is you and what is not you. And it can help you exercise immunity with intelligence and wisdom - on all these levels!

I am running a 5 week course catering to your spiritual health needs in November this year. It will cover what I call the 4 pillars of spiritual health & hygiene. I am taking expression of interests. Comment, PM or email me.

  1. Clean and clear your energy field.
  2. Harmonise your identity of self.
  3. Connect to your internal Soul/Spirit.
  4. Express soul spirit in all you are being. 

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