⭐️ What is my soul purpose? 

This is a question I hear frequently!

⭐️My 20 years experience as a spiritual healer & teacher has shown me soul purpose is less about a destination and is more about a state of being!

1. Does my soul have a purpose?

Yes! Your soul purpose is to have full reign of expression of its unique nature through your human experience: in your actions, thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, and the narration of your life.

2. What is my soul nature?

Your soul has characteristics and qualities natural to it. Discovering your soul's nature, merging with it, and expressing this nature in all you are doing and being in the world - this is your soul purpose.

3. How do I live my soul purpose?

You are living soul purpose when you partake in activities which allow and enable you to connect to and express your truth - your authentic truth. Soul purpose is less about a role, responsibility or activity and more about what opportunity there is to connect with and express your unique soul truth of nature!

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