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July 09, 2024

My spirit guide taped me on the shoulder and said I would like to talk to you...

My instant response was along the lines of "I am busy". I kept doing what I was doing. Pfft - I had no time to listen. 

Shortly afterwards the same tap on the shoulder and the same request...

I ignored them 3 times before a little voice from somewhere inside of me told me it was probably best to listen. Why? Something inside of me registered that my Spirit Guide does not ask me to expressively listen to them very often and so it was probably important I do.

I made the space to listen. I opened the notes app on my phone. I tuned into hear what they had to say... 


It was this. Trina we highly recommend that you spend tomorrow (which was a Wednesday where I do not consult clients) doing nothing. NOTHING?!?!

I was so in my head, so caught in my thoughts and so focused on all the tasks I wanted to get done, that the suggestion of doing nothing produced an incredulous visceral response in me. ARE YOU KIDDING!

I know - you may have expected my spirit guide had some magical revelation to offer to me when they requested to communicate with me...

I hope I have not disappointed you. However the message is really important nonetheless and it is this.

Many of us are moving through our lives with our minds and our bodies disconnected. 

I bet you have heard of mind and body as an idea, but what does it look like in action and why is it so important?

What does mind and body disconnect look like?
  • My body was trying to tell me it was running on all cylinders above and beyond its capacity. 
  • My mind was ignoring my body and it was choosing to keep going and not properly rest.
  • My emotions were chiming in with my mind because the idea of stopping was causing a panic. 
  • RESULT: I disconnected from my body; I stopped listening; I allowed my mind to be act like a tyrant and run the show; and my emotions were draw into the party egged on by my thoughts.

My spirit guide was trying to do me a Favour by helping me to circuit break my disconnect!

  • My Spirit Guide knew that if I rested and gave in to my body's needs, my body would be able to produce the productive outcomes I was trying to achieve. AND my emotions would calm once they realised they were being sent on a false narrative by the mind of "the way to feeling better is to achieve A or B goal". 
A side note on rest....
  • Make a commitment to yourself to not half arse your rest.
  • Often when the body calls us to rest we go into inertia. That is not true rest, that is dissociation.
  • To truly rest and not disassociate requires you to actually feel the exhaustion, tiredness or discomfort. By feel it I mean sit in it, give over to it, allow yourself at least in part to be it. 
  • This is a big topic I will cover in another email.

Why is the mind-body connection so important?

  • Firstly the mind decides to disregard what the body is telling it whether it be we are tired, we need to eat, we need to not eat these foods, we need to feel our feelings, we need to do more exercise.... What ever need it may be!
  • The mind and body start operating like they are separate units, which of course they are not!
  • The mind and body in disconnect can be like a tug of war. Two different sides pulling in different directions until something breaks, or one side falls down. 
  • I've got your back.
  • I suggest doing the PEACE guided meditation on my website's FREE Self Healing Resources Page. CLICK HERE to access the link. Don't forget to bookmark it. 

Next week in the SPIRITUAL HEALING SANCTUARY, my new twice monthly membership, we will be covering how mind, intuition and instinct unite together in the body for health and personal growth. 

If you are interested in discovering more about your patterns, how to bring change to them, and to receive healing from my Spirit Healer Team for the bits of the puzzle hard to change on your own, then come and join the membership. Details are below. 
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Discover more about and bring change to your deeply engrained patterns.

Jump into the Spiritual Healing Sanctuary group. 

There are 6 modules we cycle through each 6 months all of which will support your connection to spirit in a real and tangible way. Each session includes:

● HEALING - A group healing where we go into my healing temple and my Spirit Healer Team work on you individually in relation to the module and your individual needs. Please note: I do not share personal information about your individual healing to the group. Please rest assured. 

● KNOWLEDGE - Teaching from my Spirit Healer Team about for example what spirit connection is to support you to integrate how to be connecting with spirit into your life.

● Q&A - to the questions you have about your individual process.

INTEGRATION - An optional exercise you to work with until the next session.

My Spirit Healing Team know the transformation you need for health, personal growth and deepened embodiment of your own soul purpose, talents and gifts! 


💚 As a spiritual person I know you need to...

  • Dedicate time and space in your life to staying connected to your spirit and growing your connection.
  • I have worked with thousands of people, just like you, guiding them to create a grounded soul relationship, empowering them to move through life's challenges without being overly impacted by them!

Introducing the Spiritual Healing Sanctuary 6-month membership!

  • I've crafted a powerful transformative membership experience, with a nurturing community, all set to make a significant impact on your life, health and wellbeing.  
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The Spiritual Healing Sanctuary brings together rich content, practical tools, and profound healing from Spirit, within a nurturing community for people committed to a grounded spirit connection just like you. 

In the membership enjoy bi-monthly 1.25-hour Zoom sessions, where we explore six key themes:

  • Spirit: How to raise your vibration.
  • Human Self: Mind, Intuition and Instinct
  • Soul: You are more than human.
  • Genetic Healing
  • Past Life Healing
  • Traumas, Triggers and Boundaries

In each twice-monthly session, you receive:

✅ SPIRITUAL HEALING - Guided by your soul and conducted by my Spirit Healer Team.

✅ ESSENTIAL INFORMATION - Crucial insights to foster positive change. 

✅ ANSWERS - Personalised answers to your questions.

✅ PRACTICAL TOOLS - exclusive practical transformational tools to work with between sessions.

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