Archangel Gabriel Medicine Mist: PEACE.

• Create tranquility of heart and mind.
• Stabilise and lighten your mood.
• Calm emotional turbulence.
• Quieten your thoughts to create space for your mind and body to rest and heal.
• Contains the healing essence of Clary Sage.

What are Spirit Healing Mist?

The Spirit Healing Mists are spiritual healing supplements for your body and your life. They contain Spirit Light which is not only very wise, it has unity, wholeness, balance, harmony and benevolence at its heart. Spirit light changes consciousness. Consciousness is all the data and information underpinning your biochemistry, feelings, emotions and thoughts. When you change consciousness all these levels are positively affected.

What makes them unique?

Each Spirit Healing Mist contains powerful concentrated doses of Spirit light. For over 20 years I have built a strong and solid connection to spirit. Through my channel I have access to a wide variety of spirits who offer their specialised healing light to evoke positive transformational change. I am able to bring through concentrated doses of spirit light for healing with clarity and accuracy.

My Spirit Healer Team have taught me a process to deliver packages of spirit light into a water medium to be delivered to you for healing. Each spirit in each mist is complemented with a different flower essence. The Spirit healing Mists are a simple and unique way for you to access spirit light for healing daily!

Why use the mists?

The mists are a simple, easy and quick way to complement your health care with spiritual healing. They work very well alongside other healthcare modalities. They work alone too. The Spirit Light in each mist changes your consciousness to deliver positive change to your body, mind, emotions and behaviours.

What is the dosage?

Spray 3 bursts frequently on your body, home, car, work - anywhere you require transformation with self love! Use 3 times a day for best results. You can use more frequently when required.


30ml - $29.95
50ml - $49.95

Customer Reviews

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Tristan Sinclair
The impact of Trina’s Spirit Healing Spray is honestly astounding.

One of my favourite uses is to help my sleep be more easeful and rejuvenating (a major win!). I also use them in my workspace to keep it light and productive and just in general life to bring vibrancy and ‘pep to my step’. They help me feel calm, more myself and more capable of taking on whatever is going on in my life and inner world. Love this authentic and powerful product!!