Guided Meditation for Past Life Regression

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Meditation for Past Life Regression.

Are you ready to meet with a past life version of yourself?

 If your interest in past lives goes way beyond the surface and you are ready to:

  • Integrate gifts and abilities honed in former life times into the present.
  • Resolve and release challenges from past lives holding you back in the now.
  • Deepen your connection to your soul & spirit.

This is where your journey begins!

In this 40 minute meditation for past life regression you will be expertly guided by Psychic Spiritual Healer Trina Joy Lucas to:

  • You will taken through a deep energy cleanse ritual.
  • Through cleansing general day to day accumulation of heavy energy, the vibration in your body will significantly raise in preparation to meet with your soul.  
  • With raised vibration you will enter a sacred space where you will receive an energy exchange for healing from a past life version of yourself. This energy exchange will align to your life's purpose.

Introducing your guide, Trina Joy Lucas:

  • Trina is Psychic Spiritual healer, Past life Regression Therapist and teacher of Spiritual Science of health and personal growth.
  • She has 26 years and over 27000 hours clinical experience working hand in hand communicating with a diverse range of Healing Spirits for bring transformational to the body on all levels. 

In the words of others...

The guided meditation for past life regression was Amazing!

"What an incredible experience. I could feel rather than see the past life version of myself. They were so wise and their energy felt completely magical. I felt the energy exchange come through into my body. I was left feeling calmer, clearer and more focused in regards to living my life in a way true and real to my deeper knowing of self".

- Tristan Sinclair. 


Customer Reviews

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Wonderful and profound experience

I had such a wonderful & profound experience with the past life meditation guided by Trina. I was experiencing significant discomfort in my body before I began the meditation and by the end the discomfort, heaviness and fatigue I felt had gone and I felt this amazing strengthened life force energy in each and every cell of my body! Amazing!