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June 27, 2023

Imagine if you were aware an infection was making its way into your body. You could kick-start your immune defence to take action more swiftly!

Allow me to introduce you to the topic of SOUL IMMUNITY. ✨⚡️

There is a divine dance of influence taking place at all times between your soul, self-identity, and immunity.

Did you know even the tiniest microbes hold their own vibrational identities?

All potential infection-causing microscopic creatures actually have the capability to shift your personal vibrational identity.

Allow me to illustrate how a virus can change your vibration and your self-identity.

  • Imagine you encounter a "cold" virus with a vibrational signature of irritation and annoyance. As this virus enters your body, it starts to influence your personal vibration.
  • Before you know it, you're feeling irritable and short-tempered, and those around you seem to be on your nerves. It's like a temporary takeover of your emotional state!

But fear not, for understanding this dance of influence between microbes and your sense of self can empower you to reclaim control.

  • When you unconsciously identify with the energy of a virus, it gains a stronger foothold in your body. 
  • The virus finds found a favourable environment in which it can thrive, as it has influenced the vibration of your thoughts, emotions and behaviours to sync with its vibrational nature. 
  • It's important to note that these critters aren't intentionally seeking to shift your identity. It's simply the result of cause and effect in the energetic realm.
  • It's fascinating to consider, isn't it?!

Now, here's where SOUL IMMUNITY takes centre stage, emerging as your ultimate superpower.

  • When you embody a soulful connection, you become more attuned to subtle shifts within yourself.
  • You gain the ability to recognise when something is amiss. To sense and become alert faster to when an external force is trying to dictate and determine the nature of your internal space and shift your vibration and identity.
  • It's like having a built-in immune system for your very essence!

Your soul acts as a filter, discerning what aligns with your authentic self and what does not.

  • Your soul has eons of lifetimes of experience in the form of wisdom. When you embody your soul you circulate this wisdom throughout your body and psyche and into the way you think, feel and act.
  • Soul embodiment leads to soul immunity, empowering you to resist the influence of foreign invaders.
  • Your vibrational truth becomes a shield against their effects preventing or lessening potential infection and illness. 

Soul embodiment unlocks a window of opportunity—a chance to exercise a more conscious state of immunity.

  • Embrace this empowering path to vibrant well-being, where your soul becomes your greatest ally.

I hope this tantalising glimpse into the realm of soul immunity has sparked your curiosity.


💚 As a spiritual person I know you need to...

  • Dedicate time and space in your life to staying connected to your spirit and growing your connection.
  • I have worked with thousands of people, just like you, guiding them to create a grounded soul relationship, empowering them to move through life's challenges without being overly impacted by them!

Introducing the Spiritual Healing Sanctuary 6-month membership!

  • I've crafted a powerful transformative membership experience, with a nurturing community, all set to make a significant impact on your life, health and wellbeing.  
  • This membership empowers you to tap into the vibrance of your soul, remove personal blocks, and realise your full potential. 

The Spiritual Healing Sanctuary brings together rich content, practical tools, and profound healing from Spirit, within a nurturing community for people committed to a grounded spirit connection just like you. 

In the membership enjoy bi-monthly 1.25-hour Zoom sessions, where we explore six key themes:

  • Spirit: How to raise your vibration.
  • Human Self: Mind, Intuition and Instinct
  • Soul: You are more than human.
  • Genetic Healing
  • Past Life Healing
  • Traumas, Triggers and Boundaries

In each twice-monthly session, you receive:

✅ SPIRITUAL HEALING - Guided by your soul and conducted by my Spirit Healer Team.

✅ ESSENTIAL INFORMATION - Crucial insights to foster positive change. 

✅ ANSWERS - Personalised answers to your questions.

✅ PRACTICAL TOOLS - exclusive practical transformational tools to work with between sessions.

REGISTER YOUR INTEREST: for the next intake in October of my membership group the SPIRITUAL HEALING SANCTUARY. Here is the WAITLIST.

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