September 24, 2021

 Five top tips from my Spirit Healer team on developing intuition.

Intuition enables you to extract maximum juice from life.

1. Learn to attune to the frequency of your intuition.

Intuition is a feeling based sense. Your feelings are the actual sensations taking place in your body.

You feel and you think/analyse your way through life!

Thought and feeling. Both are equally important in terms of fully experiencing the world.

I suggest you refine your capacity to tune into your feelings before they become thoughts. 

Allow me to explain simply. You are constantly feeling what it is to be alive in this world. You are feeling/experiencing your physical body moving through the world.

  • You might feel your body as hot, cold, heavy, dull or light.
  • You are feeling what it is to be a psychological self; you may be experiencing joy or nervousness.
  • Your thoughts make you feel a certain way.
  • Your spirit is moving through you and that feels a certain way.

You are in the world experiencing all these sensations. And there is a point, when feeling the sensations of life before you start to analysis and thought overrides.

This point - is the vibrational entry point into your intuition. 

 2. Intuition IS your experience of being in the world.

All the feeling information, about what it is to be you inside, connected to everyone outside and everything in the whole universe at large - this is your intuition.

Everybody is intuitive - it is part of being alive!

Why am I emphasising this? Good question. Stick with me here as it brings me to my next point.

3. Underlying each and every moment in your experience of life there is a point of connection. 

This point of connection - available to you in every single moment of life - is a place where everything comes together as one. This is really quite simple. 

Vibration and energy are the underlying connectivity of all life. 

In each moment, everything is coinciding into ONE.

  • The whole spectrum of vibrational in your energy field interfaces and connects with the space around you - with the universe at large!
  • Your energy filed is interfacing and connecting with the Earth's energy field.
  • The earth and the universe's field of energy is interfacing with every other person and living creature!
  • See everything - through vibration - is ONE!.
On the feelings level in every moment of your your life, you, all life, the universe, the earth, spirit - this is all coming together as one. 

This point of connection underlying all sensation in your body, this vibrational place of union, this is where you want your intuition to plug into. It is the place you want to extend your intuition to tune into. 

4. Each moment has a unique nature. 

Every moment in time you experience has unique characteristics. Every moment in your life is like a single image in an animated movie.

Everything is changing as it moves through time and space.

This is exciting!  Your intuition has the capacity to read into the unique nature of each moment. And when it does, you feel a connection with the meaning and the purpose of that moment.

5. Your intuition is designed to help you navigate the moment.

Developing your intuition opens you up to a world of knowledge and information! When this expansion into deeper consciousness occurs, it feels good! 

Intuition enables you to extract maximum juice from life!


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